funny situations

Tolerant judge

A man sat in the courtroom since the early morning, waiting for the judge to consider his case, and that wait took place in the hall from that morning until evening until he felt very bored, and in the end the eyebrow came out loudly, that cases that had not been examined With it tomorrow, which necessitated the man's wrath and grumbling, and when the judge heard that, he told him that he would pay him twenty dollars a fine for this objection, so the man looked in his wallet and pocket for money, and when the judge saw that from him, he said to him (well, if you are not You have this amount so you do not have to pay, forget about it) The man replied, saying: (No, I am trying to know how much is enough I have another objection to you

Troublesome village

A man traveled his car from one city to another, and as soon as the darkness came, he decided to stop the car in a street to receive a rest before he proceeded, so the man stopped his car in the streets of a small village that was on the road, and as soon as the man relaxed in his car seat and slept He even heard someone knock on the window of the car. The man woke up to find someone asking him: "What time is it please?" He looked at his watch and answered that it was seven. The man went and the driver went back to his sleep again. And it is only minutes until the driver was surprised by who wakes him up again by knocking on the windshield of his car and when he wakes up he says to him: (Please, can you tell me what time it is?) He answered again that it was seven and ten minutes, and while the man was leaving, the driver noticed that someone was approaching his car To ask him, he brought a pen and wrote it in a large script: (I do not know the time), then he rushed back to his car to sleep, but as soon as he went to sleep, he heard the sound of knocking on the windowsill and a voice came to him saying, “It is seven and a quarter o'clock, sir.”

Children's requests are endless

One parent asked his young child to sleep so that he could wake up early to his school the next day. After the child entered the room within minutes of the child, his father called to ask him to bring him a glass of water to drink, and the father refused this, telling him that he could drink before he went to sleep, and it is only a few minutes until the child calls again that he is thirsty, so the father repeated He refused, warning that if he called him again he would hit him, and the child said afterwards (Dad, can you bring me a glass of water when you come to hit me?)