Hair lengthening as soon as possible

All women seek intense care for their hair, because it is the secret of the beauty of any female and it is what brings the man's attention to it. It is searching for the fastest way to lengthen it and take care of it constantly. Today I will tell you recipes that take care of hair and lengthen it quickly:


  • 1 lengthen the hair as soon as possible
    • 1.1 Nutrition is the foundation of healthy hair
    • 1.2 Balsam and Serum
    • 1.3 Hairstyle and hairdressing
    • 1.4 oil bath
  • 2 recipe for ground lupine

Hair lengthening as soon as possible

  • Hair washing: One should wash the hair properly with the appropriate shampoo, for example, for dry hair, use shampoo that is specially made for dry hair.
  • Drying hair: Instead of drying hair with a hair dryer, it is best to allow the hair to dry naturally.
  • Hair cap: You should wear a cap on the hair while out in the sun or in the wind because it damages the hair and makes it look dull and brittle.
  • Cutting the ends: A simple cut of split ends should be obtained once a month, and cutting the ends of split ends gives it a beautiful appearance and helps it grow.
  • When sleeping: Hair should be left loose without a cover when sleeping.

Nutrition is the foundation of healthy hair

Eating food in a healthy diet rich in iron and protein is a must for healthy hair, so follow a good balanced diet for the entire body, and we should remember the hair if the person uses chemicals on the hair in any shape such as dyes, straightening the hair and curling it, then this requires advanced care.

Soothes and serums

If the hair is dry in an uncontrollable way, it must use a conditioner after washing the hair with shampoo and then a suitable serum for the hair. Make sure to wash the hair well and not keep any traces of shampoo or conditioner on the scalp. The hair should be gently washed and not rubbed vigorously with a towel during drying.

Hairstyle and hairdressing

Wet hair is weaker than dry hair, so you should consider using a wide toothed comb to comb the hair while it is wet and do not use the brush except when the hair dries, and the hair should not be tied strongly because that weakens it. You should always deal with your hair gently and always remember that the hair is a living organ like the rest of your body. .

Oil bath

Massage oil or bath oil is very beneficial to the hair, as it improves blood circulation and helps hair growth, so this should be done at least once a week and should leave the oil on the scalp and hair in the evening and leave until the next morning and wash with appropriate shampoo according to the type of oil there are types of Hair oil bath works quickly and the hair mask should be chosen carefully according to the type of hair, for example an egg mask, olive oil and castor oil are useful for dry hair and a lemon mask is useful for oily scalp and dandruff.

Ground lupine recipe

To you, madam, recipes to lengthen the hair solve the hair problems of the women, you may need a little patience and you will find the benefit, God willing, as it lengthens the hair at a rate of 3 cm per week with the condition of maintenance, all you need is: bring three spoons of crushed lupine, and soak it in two cups of hot water From morning to night and filtered, then add the original palm oil. It is preferable to apply it when sleeping and wash it in the morning with conditioner and repeat using it until you reach the required length, and we add that ground lupine is useful in straightening and softening the hair.