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Alexandrian Hawawshi

Alexandrian Hawawshi is a popular Egyptian food, and it is a kind of pastry stuffed with dazzling minced meat , and is somewhat similar to bridal pastries in the Levant, but here it is made from its own dough and not from bread, and in this article we will present how to make Hawawshi step by step.

The work of Alexandrian notes

the ingredients

Meat filling:
  • Half a kilogram of minced meat.
  • Two large onions.
  • Tablespoon of salt.
  • A teaspoon of black pepper .
  • Half a teaspoon of mixed spices.
  • Half a teaspoon of the chilli .
  • Half a teaspoon of meat spices.
  • A teaspoon of meat spices.
  • Two sweet peppers.

  • Three cups of white flour.
  • A cup of wheat flour.
  • Two tablespoons of yeast.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • tow big spoon of sugar.
  • Half a cup of melted obesity .
  • A cup of warm milk, which means warm milk.
  • Warm water for kneading, gradually added.

Preparation method

Preparing the meat filling:
  • Cut the onions into large pieces, put them in the food processor, and finely chop them. In the absence of a food processor, you can grate the onions with a grater.
  • We put the minced meat in a large plate so that we can easily knead it, then add the grated onion to the meat.
  • Cut the chilli into pieces, and put them in the food processor until we get chopped pepper.
  • We add chopped pepper to the minced meat .
  • Dazzle ground minced meat with mixed spices, black pepper and salt, and we can add chilli to taste.
  • Let the weft with all ingredients well by hand so that they overlap each other well.
  • Leave the ingredients for 1-2 hours for the meat to flavor and spice well.

Preparing the dough:
  • We prepare a large and deep plate until we start kneading, put in the flour the white flour, wheat flour and mix them together until they overlap with each other well.
  • Add the amount of yeast and two tablespoons of sugar, sprinkle the salt with flour and saute well.
  • We make an opening in the middle of the flour and put melted obesity or oil, and stir well obesity with flour, and it is best to use the hand until the obesity or the oil overlap with flour, and we will notice that the flour has become soft and impregnated with obesity.
  • Add warm milk to the flour, yeast , sugar, salt and obesity.
  • We repeat kneading, where we knead the warm milk well with flour, at first we will notice that the dough is not coherent, because it will need warm water to become a coherent dough.
  • Add a little warm water to the flour gradually and repeat the kneading, add the water gradually if necessary, and continue to knead for ten minutes until we get a soft and cohesive dough.
  • We put the dough in a warm place for an hour until it ferments, and doubles in size, taking into account that the surface is covered with pieces of fabric.
  • Cut the dough into small balls, put it on the tray, and repeat this process until all the dough is finished.
  • We leave each ball from dough to the next to allow the dough to ferment again.
  • Preheat the oven to two hundred degrees.
  • Bring the baking tray, cover it with tin foil, and wipe it with a little oil.
  • Brush the surface with a little bit of oil and a crossbar as well, then spread a ball of dough balls on an even surface.
  • Put part of the meat and spread it in the middle of the spread dough.
  • Bend the empty half of the dough over the meat and seal it by pressing it with a fork on the ends.
  • Cut the excess dough ends with the cutter or with a knife, put them in the baking tray, and repeat the previous steps with the amount of dough and the meat until finished.
  • We make small holes on the surface of the dough before entering the oven.
  • We put the tray in the oven at a degree of two hundred degrees Celsius until the notes become golden, we operate the oven from the top, and grill the notes from the top until the face becomes golden as well.


  • In the meat there is a high percentage of fat, up to 20%, and if the meat is free of fat, we can add two tablespoons of ghee.
  • We can dispense with wheat flour if it does not exist and only use white flour.
  • The amount of minced meat must be appropriate in order for it to mature well inside.