How do I make a man love me


  • 1 Provide assistance
  • 2 Sincerity
  • 3 Wear stylish clothes
  • 4 Smiling is the path of love
  • 5 Respect for the Beloved
  • 6 Get away for a while and support the husband
  • 7 Paying attention to the husband's food
  • 8 References

offering help

A woman can gain the love of her husband by providing assistance to him, because the husband needs a person he trusts in life, so the wife should do her best to help him, and search for different ways to do so, so that we can do things together. [1]


The success of a man depends on the success of the woman, because success does not depend on the size of the challenges faced by the man, but the sincerity of the spouses or lovers helps them to face and solve all their challenges and problems that stand in the way of them, and therefore sincerity increases their love, which leads to a wonderful life full of love and affection . [1]

Wear stylish clothes

Men pay attention to women's clothes and elegance, so it is advisable to wear beautiful and elegant clothes that show her personality, or that indicate her beauty, and her image is reflected in the eyes of others. [2]

Smiling is the path of love

Smiling in the face of the husband or the lover is one of the ways that lead to his affection and love, as men are attracted to the smile of the beautiful and real girl, so she should not force herself to make smiles and laughter, and she must take care to show interest to him, to show how happy she is with him, which enhances Of his love for her. [2]

Respect for the Beloved

A man can easily love a girl when she shows respect for him, and that is by sitting near him, treating him in a gentle manner, and complimenting him, or by speaking with him in terms that show how much she loves him, such as saying: (I love you, and I love being with you always), [2] or from By sending Loving Wood messages over the phone, or by placing a message expressing love near him. [3]

Get away for a while and support the husband

The dimension helps for a period of time to increase the feelings of love between the two parties. Going somewhere with family or friends gives way to the lover to think about his sweetheart, thereby increasing love between them, [3] and the woman must stand by her husband , and give him encouragement when he feels frustrated The man trusts the woman who discusses him in his doubts, strengthens his belief in his abilities, and shows him that she is always by his side. [1]

Attention to the husband's food

It is advised to pay attention to providing sweet and spicy foods to the man, as eating such foods helps the body to produce endorphins, and sweets and foods with an aroma and delicious taste enhance feelings of pleasure and joy, and according to various researches it has been shown that cinnamon cakes, vanilla, lavender and pumpkin pie are counted One of the foods that increase men's love for their wives. [3]