How do I trust myself


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Self confidence

Self-confidence is considered one of the most important characteristics of the integrated personality capable of making success and change, and it is a benign characteristic that transmits in the person the love of himself and the love of others, and enhances the ability to get rid of negative thoughts and develop positivity in the soul, while seeking to achieve goals and achieve them, and some may confuse between the concepts of self - confidence , vanity or arrogance, but the concepts are spaced and differentiated trust self based on reassuring balanced and thoughtful self - capacity enjoyed by the individual level, and the possibility of success of the industry, and the achievement of goals through the possibilities, trust self reflect the strength Alarad To achieve the goal, confidence Bdafietha, and the reasons for their ability, and the amount of energy and determination that generate a sense of insisting on the collection of goals, and Neil demands without hesitation or disability. [1]

Defining self-confidence

Language dictionaries offer beautiful meanings of trust, describing them as a strong bond, safety and reassurance, so trust in the sense of trust , and self-confidence means relying on them, and making sure of what is said in them in word and deed, [2] and the scientific definition of self-confidence has many images and trends that scholars and philosophers wanted All revolve around the awareness of the limits of self, its gains, its investment and its dependence.
The self - confidence personality trait gain an individual sense of ability, efficiency , mastery, and increase Dafieth to meet the conditions, obstacles and overcome them, and can muster the scientists definitions of self - confidence as: personality trait integrates the self to possess the ability to move forward, and strive to achieve the goals and achievements, with the call of motivation Confidence in achieving the desired goal , and with a high degree of satisfaction, self-worth, and psychological compatibility. [3]

How do I trust myself

Self-confidence is a learned and learned skill, and this means that all people are able to acquire this pillar, seize it and invest it in themselves, and the first step through which self-confidence can be obtained is honesty of will and motivation, and self-confidence can be built and strengthened in the self through several methods and simple methodological steps, including: [4]
  • Self-image: This concept relates to knowing all aspects of strength and weakness in the personality, factors of its footing and its defects, and then drawing the default image that the person of the personality wishes to represent in himself, his personality and himself, and the positive view here is a basic requirement that guarantees the formulation of the future personality in an optimal and rewarding value.
  • Self-esteem: appreciation emanating from hope and positive foresight of what the soul will be and the self after a while, and includes love, respect, admiration for the capabilities and attributes of the self, and seeking to develop and empower them, and the deprivation of sordid and abusive qualities that may be tainted, and exaltation of what may bring hatred and discontent.
  • Building and achieving trust: This is based on initial satisfaction with the self, its characteristics, characteristics, and what it is of skills and behaviors, aspiration towards changing weaknesses, replacing it with strengths, aspects of pride and pride, and getting to know what distinguishes the personality from the characteristics and skills that are unique to them, even if they are Simple, and belief in the distinction of each individual by a certain side that others do not possess.
  • Self-enhancement: It is reinforcement based on the new additions of the person, including supplying the self and teaching her more experiences, knowledge, experiences, cognitive, social and psychological positions, generalizing concepts on the new situations, enriching and developing them, beneficial communication with others, and building new relationships.
  • Reducing negative relationships: One of the most important boosters of self-confidence is to stay away from negative environments, frustrated and complainant people. The negative environment creates an atmosphere of frustration and negativity, and defines thinking skills, contentment and admiration, and the negative environment may be a group of people who are pessimistic and grumbling, and master complaint arts And objection.
  • Reviewing oneself and the determination to change: It is an important thing to enhance trust , build and elevate its importance, instead of undermining its value by committing denials, distractions, moral distractions, and following fancy, so if the soul sank in the clutches of sins and following sins, and its leadership is recognized for its passion, the goal is absent from it, Achievement was delayed, and anger, humiliation and defeat emerged, but if the soul is a highly reconsiderate blame, it is self-evident towards sublimity, determination to change, and hence a sense of confidence and contentment.
  • Decision-making: includes studying alternatives, determining their preference, and their suitability for spatial, temporal, and subjective circumstances, and setting priorities.
  • He left fear and anxiety: the fearful person is weak, capturing himself between procrastination, fear, and looking into problems, while the strong, self- confident, adventurous person does not fear trials and adventure, intrepid and with many successes.
  • Leaving comparisons: Comparing oneself with others is one of the negative aspects of the character, as it limits their resolve and reduces their confidence, and the fact is that people are uneven in their energies and abilities, and no one will attain perfection no matter what he seeks in that, just as man’s failure in something must not cause him frustration and denial The self, as each of the same characteristics has unique characteristics, it also has deficiencies in some characteristics and queens, and whoever denies himself because of his deficiency in something he must note the deficiencies in others, the comparison is not only the full and good characteristics.
  • Self-marketing and development: The purpose of self-marketing is to show its advantages, aspects of its strength, capabilities, experiences, and knowledge, and to show its willingness to accomplish and strive, and this does not mean vanity and hypocrisy, but rather a quality by which a person builds his future, and enhances his value in life, and this is by highlighting aspects of creativity Realizing the mind in creating solutions, helping people to solve their problems , and showing effectiveness in benefiting, and meaningful and hard work. [5]