How to change your personality


  • 1 awareness of the need to change
  • 2 ways to change personality
  • 3 steps to change personality
  • 4 tips for changing oneself
  • 5 Video of personal behavior change
  • 6 References

Awareness of the need for change

A person must feel conscious of his need to change his personality for the better as he has to take responsibility for his problems and circumstances, and avoid throwing it on other people, so he must commit to trying to change for himself and find a way for him in earnest, and the first step towards change may be to recognize something He deserves it from the negative attributes or bad habits he has, as denying it is illogical because nothing is perfect in this world. [1]

Ways to change personality

There are some ways in which a character change can be made, including: [2]
  • Focus on changing your habits . It is possible to change the habits and character that exist in the character, but if doing so requires effort and a sufficient period of time to practice it until acquiring new behaviors.
  • Change your self-beliefs , a person must be concerned with changing his beliefs since if he puts in his head an idea of ​​what you say he will not be able to change, then this is what will really happen, but if he thinks positively and honestly that he will change, he will undoubtedly do so .
  • Focus on the process . A person must constantly feel and value his efforts to be convinced of his ability to succeed in change.
  • A representation that change has become a reality Fake it till you make it , a person must adopt the good qualities that he is trying to acquire so that these behaviors over time become a constant nature.

Steps to change your character

There are some steps that can be followed in order to change the character for the better: [3]
  • Avoid giving in to labels and nicknames Do not let “labels” define you , a person should not let the various labels define his characteristic features such as calling himself (a shy person) or (a mean person), but rather he must realize that he is a capable person and can simply He becomes the best copy of himself if he decides to do so.
  • Do good deeds , a person can get rid of bad traits by starting with good deeds and good deeds with others that may increase opportunities for social participation.
  • Just wait , the person must wait until he makes the change he wants in his character, most of the changes that occur in the character come with age.

Tips for changing oneself

There are some tips that can be followed in order to change oneself, including: [4]
  • Get honest advice from others that the person cares about and loves in order to benefit from them to achieve the desired change.
  • Build a support network of peers with the same habits and personality traits to get a collective incentive to change bad habits and temperament.
  • Focusing on avoiding loss, as fear of a certain loss leads to more adherence and commitment to good habits of success.