How to control others

The leadership character who has the power to control within the limits of her powers is one of the strongest, most beautiful and rarest personalities, and she is also one of the characters that everyone wishes to enjoy her characteristics, so what are the most important things and behaviors that you must do in order to have a strong and controlling personality? And what are the things that make some people succeed in driving and controlling others or fail to do so?

Reasons for failure to control or drive
not to catch oneself when angry

The procedures to follow if a person violates your rights
If your rights have been violated by someone, you have three reactions

To submit and submit to something that will make you suffer in silence
to be aggressive and angry in the face of the person, but that will lose you respect for others
to affirm your desires and yourself in a polite manner then you will control the situation and obtain what you want
So, dear reader, it becomes clear to you that the best solution to be master of the situation is to behave as in the last point

Other ways to control

It is known that the most thing that makes you control others and makes them put you at the top of
their priorities is that you value yourself and others, so with appreciation and good treatment you can be a master everywhere, and one of the ways in which you can show appreciation to others is
to use their names while speaking They have
to stay away from following the winner and loser approach and always try to follow the approach that all winners in the end treat
people the same regardless of their positions or their ages.
Listen to the conversation of the one who talks to you and does not leave them while they talk,
express your admiration for their simple things.

Reach an agreement

One of the dominant personality traits is that she has the ability to obtain what she wants, but after reaching an agreement and convincing others that her demand is correct and appropriate, and one of the ways to reach an agreement with people is to 

discuss defects and advantages by
asking others to try

things and habits that keep you out of control
there are some things And the actions that will deplete your strength and take control of you
Lack of work,
lack of organization,
excessive anxiety, downtime,
crying when pressing,
inappropriate appearance