Kinds of dogs

The dog is considered one of the mammals, and it is considered one of the oldest animals that a person has attached to it since ancient times.

In this article, we will talk about the types of dogs, their characteristics, and how to keep them.


  • 1 dog types
    • 1.1 The Shepherd Dog
    • 1.2 Pitbull dog
    • 1.3 Guard Dog
    • 1.4 Hound
    • 1.5 Dog accompaniment to the blind
    • 1.6 Bloodhound
    • 1.7 Field Dog

Kinds of dogs

  • Shepherd's dog
  • Pitbull dog
  • watchdog
  • The hound
  • Blind escort dog
  • bloodhound
  • Field dog

Shepherd dog

This type of dog is trained to help the livestock to protect it from dangers, such as the dangers of a wolf considered a predator.

Pitbull dog

This is one of the fiercest types of dogs, and all other dogs are afraid of it, and it is characterized by a great power of ferocity as if he was only born to fight, and this dog is distinguished from other dogs by not leaving a competitor to him alive, and until he succeeds in this competition he throws his mouth on the prey even Her life ends.


It is a dog that protects the person accompanying it, and there are several types of it, including: Paul Mastiff, Doberman, Rott Weiler and Great Dan.


This type of dog is trained, and this dog belongs to specific factions, including: saluki dogs; they track prey, and they are like foxes and rabbits. This type of dog is divided into two groups:
  • Stop dogs: they are the ones that work to chase prey; they can discover them through the sense of smell they have, and they are very strong, and when they arrive at the nearby place they stop to be able to hunt.
  • Runner dogs: These dogs force the prey out of their compulsory compulsory and, when they leave, they chase them.

Blind escort dog

It is a dog trained to guide its owner to move wherever he wants without accompanying any of the people in some countries.


This dog is trained to help the police solve a crime that occurred or anything similar to a crime that is difficult to solve. These police dogs also check airports in passengers and passengers' bags to find out if there is anything forbidden inside, as these dogs have a very strong sense and a sense smelling.

Field dog

This type of dog is found in large fields, and is always accompanied by the owner of these fields, and this dog lives inside the field, and this dog is suitable for guarding and hunting as it is characterized by being a professional runner, and he is ashamed of the guests and is very skinny.