Longing hair and his

Longing hair and his

In this article, we will talk about some beautiful poems that describe love and his family, as an important part of human life.

  • Your father believed that if I had gone of age, I wouldn't forget you
And Ghala paints a picture of her features
I beg you not to leave me and take all the life for you
Circumstances of time, if we are close and upset, we will live again
Certainly, time has to be paused and renewed at the appointed time

  • Can the child forget his milk?
Can roses forget their nectar?
Nor can the beloved forget his beloved

  • There are two beaches:
Anniversary Beach, and Oblivion Beach
If you dock on the shore of Memory, remember me
If you dock on the beach of oblivion, do not forget me

  • My heart wins everything I answer

Fazza won an orphan who looked like his mother
Remember his mother the day she was calling him
A sense of dryness on the day it contained it
A year has passed since her death
And the tears of his palm did not cause him grief
His father died from sadness who comforted him
After his father's death, his uncle took him
Sleeping in the womb covers him
If only the guilt of all blaspheme

  • Oh hello, who couldn't work
From a beater of rapture and from a busy thought
Busy for you and for you, my goodness, Val
God bears witness to everything I say
Bring your passion to you and make money
I opened my chest for you, width and length
I was stuck in the Hall of Love assembly
Diamond and embroidered letters of your name is Buloul
And I sang for you on twenty days
And in you you fall short, you see the saying
I would describe you then pause the ink
And who asked him: Why? He said: You are crazy?
Get lost in a lean and inclined stick
And shouting, God willing, give me the length
And she dies from his eye and from a fighting eyelash
It melts in a loophole with sweet honey
And you say, my life, you see many works
Slaughter my slaps, not give him busy

  • I wrote poetry to your eyes
I cried and became crazy
Feel the eye without you
Sad waiting to see your eyes

  • Thirsty and minimum rain
The eye is not satiated
I miss you, the sweetest human
Where are you, moonlight?

  • I miss you and I miss tricks
Oh my heartbeat, my love, and you are all
Why did I lose my mind, I became desperate
And why would I see you forget my quarter?