Natural recipes for fattening the face


  • 1 rose water and glycerin
  • 2 aloe vera
  • 3 honey
  • 4 milk
  • 5 videos about fattening recipes in a week
  • 6 References

Rose water and glycerin

The use of rose water and glycerin involves benefiting the skin through its nourishment and hydration, and these two elements can be used to form a suitable mixture to achieve obesity of the face , then the glycerin is mixed with rose water, then put it on the face skin before bed, and leave the mixture until the next morning, then rinse the face With warm water, it is important to keep this recipe regular until the desired results are obtained. [1]

Aloe Vera

The advantage of Aloe Vera in its ability to give the skin elastic properties that prevent cracking, and it is useful in the renewal of skin cells thanks to that it includes antioxidants, and to take advantage of the Gel Aloe Vera in fattening cheeks, you must Tdenma it for about 10-15 minutes, then left a little on the skin without Touch it, and then wash it with warm water, and to get the best results from this recipe it is recommended to repeat it twice daily. [1]


Honey includes skin moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties, which helps to give it a youthful look, and a mask made of honey can be prepared to obtain the benefit of fattening the cheeks as well, so equal portions of honey are mixed with papaya paste, then put the resulting mixture on the face and leave for ten minutes Before washing it with warm water, or this mask can be replaced by consuming about 9-10 tablespoons of honey a day, to take advantage of the antioxidants it contains, which affect the skin. [2]

the milk

It is possible to take advantage of the natural properties that milk contains in order to obtain fat cheeks . Milk contains various proteins, minerals and vitamins that add moisture and care that the skin needs. It is mentioned that it is possible to obtain the desired benefit from milk by massaging the cheeks. With cold milk for about 15 minutes, then leave it on the skin for 5 minutes before washing it with warm water, or this method can be replaced by drinking two cups of low-fat or empty milk daily. [3]