Online shopping stages


  • 1 Shop online
  • 2 stages of online shopping
  • 3 positives for online shopping
  • 4 negatives of online shopping
  • 5 security tips
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Shopping online

Shopping is known across the Internet ( in English: Online Shopping) as the process through which the search for goods and services, purchased over the Internet using a Web Browsers ( in English: Web Browsers); so that it is delivered to the buyer without the need to leave the house. [1]

Some markets provide websites as an alternative method that enables customers to buy what they need from these markets without the need to visit them, so the required commodity is delivered directly to the buyer's house, or to a nearby market to receive it from, and there are some markets that sell their products only through websites. [1]

Online shopping phases

For purchase through electronic markets, the user needs a credit card that supports online payment service, and some sites can accept payment via checks, but this situation is relatively rare, and it is clear that it is not possible to pay with cash . The online shopping process can be divided into stages, as follows: [2]
  • Choosing the desired goods: where the user chooses the goods he wants to buy through the site, and the user usually has the feature of adding the commodity that he wishes to a virtual shopping basket; when he finds the commodity he wants to buy, he clicks on a button that states the meaning of (Add to Cart) (English: Add to Cart) or similar, and after completing the selection process for the goods to be purchased, the payment button (in English: Checkout), which is often located at the top right of the website page, is preferred, and it is preferable to check the goods in the basket, such as the number of pieces of each commodity, in addition to Color, measurements, and any other information .
  • Entering the Shipping Address (in English: Shipping Address): The user enters the address to which the goods are to be shipped, and when entering this information, the additional cost of shipping is calculated, as it depends on the address he entered.
  • Choosing a payment mechanism: The user chooses the mechanism through which he wishes to pay, so the credit card is chosen as the payment mechanism, and then the card type is chosen, in the absence of the type of card that the user holds within the options, this means that the website does not support payment through this type , Then you should choose another type.
  • Entering credit card information: The buyer enters his name as it is written on his credit card, after which he enters the remaining information related to the card, which is the credit card number (in English: Expiration Date), and the protection code (English: Security Code) consisting of three cells, and it is usually printed behind the card, knowing that some types of cards may have its protection code consisting of four cells instead of three, and it is printed on the front of the card, and if the card is intended for purchase from a specific store and is not the same Known type, you will not need pain It will serve to enter this code from the ground up.
  • Entering the address of the place of receipt of credit card bills (English: Billing Address): This address may differ from the shipping address, if the credit card bills arrive at the post office, for example, but the user wanted to deliver goods to a different place, then he must enter this address as a shipping address , And thus is different from the billing address.

Online shopping positives

Online shopping has reduced the user to the process of purchasing goods and services, so he can choose what goods he wants, pay for it, and then receive it without having to leave his home, in addition to this, the buyer can compare the prices of the different goods offered on the websites It can also choose the goods that it wants from among the many sites without being restricted to only one market, and the user can benefit from the opinions of experimenters of a particular good, given their assessments of them before buying them. [1] [3]

Online shopping negatives

Perhaps security and privacy are among the most important weaknesses of online shopping, so the buyer should be careful and careful when shopping, and apply the necessary procedures to ensure his security, in addition to that, the buyer is not able to try the commodity before purchasing it, and this is very important when buying clothes . [3]

Security advice

When shopping online, some security risks may expose the buyer to theft. For example, the buyer may be deceived when asked to enter his information in addition to his credit card information through fake websites, and the buyer’s device may also be a victim of a malicious program ( In English: Malware). There are some security tips that are best considered when shopping online, including the following: [4] [5]
  • Buying only from well-known online markets, where it is not preferable to resort to search engines when searching for goods or markets, because the search results may lead to counterfeit sites, and the buyer must verify the correctness of the entire website address, it must not contain spelling errors, as It must end with the correct domain name (in English: Domain).
  • Purchase only from websites that provide a secure layer over a secure hypertext transfer protocol (English: HTTPS), and you can confirm that the website supports this protocol by showing a lock icon in your web browser (English: Web Browser) when visiting the site.
  • Use a software anti -virus ( in English: Anti-virus); to protect the buyer device from malicious programs.
  • Use passwords that are difficult to crack and guess when logging into shopping sites or bank sites.
  • Avoid using public computers to make the purchase.
  • Avoid accessing the Internet via public Wi-Fi points , and if the user is forced to do so, it is worth using a virtual private network (English: VPN) to access the Internet.
  • Avoid the scams on the Internet, especially the obvious ones.