Poetry about the father


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the father

When you look at the years of your life that have passed, you see how important your father is and his bounty on you and your siblings, because he is the owner of the big heart and the affectionate chest, which is the bond, the reference, and the strength, so you can only appreciate him in his life and even after his death, and his positions are appreciated with you since I was young Even I grew up, so some poets excelled in describing the father in his life and even after his death, and here are poems about the father with pens of different poets over time.

Goodbye, dad

  • Muhammad Abu El-Ela, an Egyptian poet , was born in 1977 and is one of the members of the Writers Union of Egypt and one of his poems on the authority of the father: [1]
And you became a spectrum after the shrine

And you were excluded from us
When we lost that day
You were stripped of us
We came to you
We cried for you
You were among us as a bird of thee
With love she sings
You were a dream with us in a dream
With a lifetime
With the night in full, we were lost
And you became a spectrum after the shrine
It was a difficult day for us
Unfortunately, where the youth was lost
It was like the sun, as it turned away
How did he hide
And at dawn he missed ?!
And it became like a dream, they turned to it
So we gave him where we finished
I did not think that the nights
She will assassinate her remorse and drink
And the stars of the heavens are bright
It will air
Dirt peaks
And it becomes whoever walks past
It flies like a bird
Rather, it is meteor shower
Sadness sweeps us as if we were
As yours
She rested with the sins
Farewell, Dad
Farewell, death has a deep wound
Farewell, Zafar and Nabb have died
Say goodbye to my father and let him go up
Raised the Jinan and the good deeds

My Father

  • Elia Abu Madi is a Lebanese poet born in 1891 AD, and he is one of the founders of the Penal Association, and one of his most beautiful poems about the father is: [2]
I folded some of my soul as I wrapped you around the rich
And this second of which overflows my eyelids
My father betrayed you, and it was undermined
The shortcomings of my dreams are like a house of figs
Athletes were laughing hawks
She strengthened and relieved her blossom of painstaking onyx
Danani was pleased with full
Aftaht hand blind wine Walden
It is only the taste of semen in my mouth
It is only the voice of the mourners in my ear
There is no good in my eyes and rarely
I opened them before but Ali Hassan
What pictures of things after you other
But it was distorted by the hand of sadness
Mnki Tbar Al-Duha and his agate
And my heart in fire and my eyes in Dajan
Looking grief, my tears ended my blood
I used to prepare grief with cheese
So, I deplore how it became impossible on my screen
Censored in the windy tremor
The comforter says he does not challenge the boy crying
And the saying of the comforter does not help nor sing
I was diagnosed with confused aspiration
Beyond the sea Adno and Istidni
As a wing, the torrent realized its nest
She flew over heaven
Do not miss it if I am in the people when
I looked at the customs, asking them about me
Whereas, as for the earth, it made me simpler
I was with those weeping at the time of the burial
May that paternity be fulfilled
And if he does not meet the weight and weight
My greatest glory was that you are my father
My biggest honor was saying: He is my son
I am telling me to chill out
My grows increase the more I say if I am
Even farewell to the family prohibited by the boy
No matter how long this injustice and injustice
My father and if I said it like me
I call and pray, my country and my corner
For those who suffer distress after you in fever
Rayyan Al-Mona returns, laughing at the age
I took off boyhood in Houmt al-Majd brightly
And al-Shayb walks you away from the strokes
So he thought as a summer star at the beginning of the time
He saw as a sword or that mindfulness
And you would see the world without a screen
As a land without water and a sound without melody
You do no harm to yourself alone
Your laughter and the eyes of the sea and cheek
Daring to the prostitute, blasphemes from the betrayal
Quick to call, cream without mana
And if you updated a poet, you would
Labeeb meticulous understanding, taste and art
How did the listener feel for you
I did not say anything but said from Tarab Zidni‍
In spite of you, you left the square, if
Although we will catch the eye
A road where millions walked before us
From the high monarch Abdo to his servant art
We think the world is ours
We have nothing but the sea for ships
Go and be free in its wane
The prison resident is also being guided by the prison
I weighed in the mystery of death the philosophy of opinion
It failed and it was a fanfare without grinding
So the people of the earth believed it
As the most ignorant of them stoning
So this confused pulp with him
And this one is not safe from it
What a journey that is still very mysterious
In detail in the explanation and body
Whoever symbolizes Lebanon is majestic and prestige
And Al-Wafa fort is the fortified in that fort
Your shrine no matter what secret and pleasure
I built them adopting Mahamid what you adopt
He loved from the constellations her domes extended
And in my eyes the most beautiful cities
On that grave, peace
Areej Bhnafsafi for the fragrance dispensed

I didn't count after your death, Dad

  • Abu al-Qasim al-Chebbi, a Tunisian poet and modern poet, died in 1934 and said in his lament to his father: [3]
I did not count after your death
Dad, my feelings are blind with sorrows
I will thirst for life and drink
From its glowing burst of trance
I return to the world with a beat heart
For love, joys and melodies
And all the images in the universe of semen
Oddities and whims of whims
Until the years moved, I came
Temptation of life with its artist's charm
If I am still a child, I am fond of
Tracks the lights and colors
And if life is pessimistic and rejected
Blows of fading and delirium
Ibn Adam is in the midst of his soul
The servant of life is the true believer

Why didn't I inherit my father?

  • Ahmed Shawky is an Egyptian writer and poet. He is one of the most famous modern day poets . He was born in 1868 CE and died in 1932 CE. He said in the father’s lament: [4]
They asked me why I did not inherit my father
The father's lament is a debt, which debt?
Blame you, I do not oppress you
Where do I have the mind that pleases where?
Dad, you are not the first
Each breath of the miniature is obligatory
People and villages perished before you
The obituaries mourned the good of the two heavyweights
A person's purpose, if long
He takes it by the two boys
And a doctor who is powerless
Exhausted from his medicine, hidden Hanin
Death has a hand if it is struck
The two factions are split apart
Run out of weather
That the meeting between the two mountains
The chick descends from his couch
And get parrots in two hundred
I am who died and who I am
We both died twice
We were flustered in a hull
Then we became agitated in two areas
Then we went back in a hull
Then we dump a corpse in two shrouds
Then we live in Ali after us
We send the first of the two missions
See the universe and say in its description
Say: They are mercy in two mercies
Heaven is lost in finding us
And yes, we have them in two gardens
They are the excuse if they are angry
And they forgave us two nurses
I wish my hair was not alive
With which beginners are called
My father only a brother and left him
And the apostles died except parents
As long as we get to the table
The fracture contained two fractions
And we drank from one pot
And we washed two hands after it
And my hand walked in his hand
Whoever saw us said two brothers about us
The age looked at us
Evil leveled two views
Dad and death is a cup once
Do not taste it twice
How was the hour I spent
Everything before or after is easy
You drank a dose of death
A mother drank death with two doses
Fear no sorrow or crying after you
It froze from me and from you today
You taught me to let go
All adultery is forbidden by death
If only my hair would we receive
Once upon a time or is the separation of the colored
And if I die, I will be deposited
He gave one or two pits

My Father

  • Nizar Tawfiq al-Qabbani, a contemporary Syrian diplomat and poet, issued his first bureau in 1944, and Nizar Qabbani said in his father's lament: [5]
Your father died
Delusion: I will not die, my father
At home from him
The scents of Lord and remembrance of a Prophet
Here they parked his things
He missed a thousand boy branches
I stripped him. You want it. Labyrinthed
As if my father is not yet gone
Ash platter and his cup
As is yet not drunk
And Islo Glass glasses him
Eyes heal from Morocco
His remnants in the spacious rooms
The remains of vultures are on the field
I wander around the corners on it so where
A command ... A command on a lawn
Tighten his hands ... I lean on him
I pray on his tired chest
My father .. is still between us and the hadith
Cups talk on the drinker
It gives us pleasure .. the cordial varicose veins
Reproduction of a good hole
My father was a story from heaven
And the meaning of the most spacious
And my father named us a refuge for the stars
Does the east remember my father's eyes?
With the summer memory of my father
Chrome and memory of the planet ..
Dad, Dad .. It's a good history
Behind you walking, do not blame ..
On your name we go on, so who is good
Desire for free to have the best
I carried you in the wake of my eyes ... even
Prepare for people that I am my father ..
I give you an even tones of voice
How did you go ... and still you?
If the fullness of the house is given to us
At home, a thousand gilded mouths
So we longed for our doors
In summer, my father must come

How can I forget you, Dad

  • Abdullah Al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud is the prince, poet and eldest son of King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, born in 1922 AD in Riyadh, and from his poems on the father: [6]
Any memory comes back to me after a year
She still had surgical bleeding
Which month is my spring running
In it and relaxed my ribs
What a terrible sermon I was afraid of
He did away with my intention and wound my weapon
Which is humiliated large groaning
And he showed me the funeral of morning in my morning
Any day I say goodbye to my love
Then I converted my acclaim to lamenters
It is my dead day before my death
And the brightening of light in my lamp
It is the day I wish I had been a shadow
Close to the Sadami Hinemat
It is a day in which he fell
I swear to God prostrating, not shouting
A day of existence
Plenty met and all righteous
I wish I could ransom the one
Then she died after my joy
"He prays," Muhannad, I don't like the
Sheath one day and do not irrigate aspiration
O Hussam in the grip of right and eye
Who liked the greatest of the likes
Claimed " Abdul Aziz " epic splendor
The legend of high and the struggle
How to inherit you, Dad, rhymes
Minor wing rhymes
How do I cry and eternity met in
K is a three-dimensional martyr of the farmer
How to smile
How is life fun for the bearded
How can I not count existence as hell?
They contain me in my coming and rawah
How can I harness my tears?
I do not fear the beard in you
How do I forget you, Dad .. How to erase
From my imagination your sweet fantasy erased
Not to me, awesomeness
The sorrow, despite the scandal, led
Not my Lord, please give me the boy
I saw you in the heaven