Praise hair

The poetry of praise is considered a wide poetic chapter in the Arabic language and Arabic literature, and it is divided into praise of the same, praising the other for its different position from the poet (Habib, ruler, mother..etc) and praising the land and the homeland, and given that praise of grains is considered under the section of spinning poetry, we can By this we define the period of praise poetry flourishing stages of its development.

The ancient Arabs used to praise their tribes, praise their glories, praise their wars, their goals with them, and their courage, and after the emergence of Islam and the reduction of tribal conflicts, but rather the reduction of them. Here, pride in Islam and the beginning of poets appeared to spoil their pre-Islamic times and praise what they became of Islam, so the names of poets appeared in the time of the Messenger - P - like Hassan bin Thabet, who was named as the poet of the Messenger of God, who was not reluctant to praise Islam in his poetry and many others, but after that, during the time of the caliphs, after the stability of the Islamic state, poets appeared in the court of the sultans and caliphs praising rulers, giving gifts to this praise, and perhaps one of the most famous poets of praise, Abu A Ok, al-Mutanabbi, he was praised in a way that is taken to her that she reached the point of exaggerating praise and others were challenging each other in poetry and among them praise as a poetic color they were somewhat derived from him, and by the retreat of this state and the establishment of many Islamic schools of thought and teams transformed poetry to serve the minds of the teams then praised it and elaborated each poet with his band in Praise her, and then in times of state retreat

From some of the poems of praise we choose:
Al-Mutanabbi in A Thinner Thinner Than A Poem, which begins by describing a selfless situation without love, and praising love as a pre-Islamic poetry style when starting poems by spinning to attract the attention of the listener and then moving to praise of Bani Aws:

Insomnia on insomnia, and homosexual insomnia .... And air increases and transitory
The effort of adulthood to be as I see .... a helping eye and a heart that beats
There was no lightning or song of a bird ... except for my lord, my heart was very interesting.
I experienced the fire of fancy that does not extinguish ... the fire of tenderness and the weariness of what burns
And I licked the people of love until I tasted it ... I was amazed how those who did not love die
And I excused them and knew my fault that I ..... lewd them and I found them what they found
My son, our father, we are the people of houses ..... never the crow of people in it screaming
We cry about the world and no tenth of them ... The world gathered them together, so they did not disperse
Where are the mighty elixirs? They treasured the treasures, so what remained and they did not remain.
From everyone who has narrowed the space with his army .... until he has stung, its content is narrow.
Silence if we wish they did not know .... that speech is absolutely lawful.
Death is coming, souls are breaths ..... and the ones who are stupid have no trouble.
And one hopes and life is delicious ..... the young man is recognized and the young man has been ripped apart
And I cried over the youth and my death ..... Draft and water and my face is elegant
He warned him before the day of his separation ... until I was almost watered, my eyes shone bright
As for the sons of Uus bin Maan ibn Al-Ruda ..... the most dear to those who are to be drawn to the elegance
I grew up around their homes when it seemed ... including the sun, and there is no sunshine
I marveled from the ground of clouds, their palms .... From above it and its rocks do not sprinkle
And the smell of the perfume smells fragrant .... They have every place that is inhaled
The whistle-blowing of scents, but it is ........
We want the example of Muhammad in our era .... Do not afflict us with students who are not attached
Rahman was not created like Muhammad ...... No one thought that he was
O one who gives so much and has ... that I have to take it I give alms
Show me a cloud of your own goodness ... and look at me with mercy, not drown.
An effective son lied, saying with his ignorance ... the generosity died while you were living.

Among the poet Muhammad al-Jawahiri is a poem praising the late King of Jordan, Hussein Bin Talal.

My lord, help my mouth to say
On your beautiful beautiful birthday
I am relieved when my mouth gives you free liberty
Honey, not a sweet greaser
O long-standing king
Among kings, oh dearest tribe
O son of Al-Hawashim, from the predecessors of Quraish
Generation in pottery, generation
They asked you for a dissolution of stallions
Never a martyr of honor and death
God is aware of a farewell prestige
An eagle that the bath throws at Hadilla
The remote brings me close to grace
It composes hopeless and hopeless
Oh an inspiration, he answered life as a question
It was responsible for her, and she was responsible
The genius guides him as light
Her secret is unknown
He ascends the mountains as he is exalted
And he descended to the descendants easily
And the world turns the vanity not seen
In it which vanity finds a wick
O vindicator of gravity by its nature

Chivalry refuses to be sick
I am at the core of those who are obedient to their Lord
Does he not show you hatred, and anonymous?
Women who are in obedience with me are the fate of a nation
Does not the dear one return humiliated?
She showed her way and hit him
For example, straying guide the guideline
And the view was radiated, not fearful
Embarrassing, not hoping, cheering
O, sir, and from conscience a message
The conscience walks you with a calf
Arguments went away, and it was repeated in Hashem
Saying noble, let gentle be
O son of those who got down to their homes
The wall of the book, a chant is chanted
Those who carry the secretariat have their weight
No two fingers nor the miles
And the one who is ignorant of their ignorance
And those who are forbidden are forbidden as a lighter
And those who made their homes and graves
For those asking about honor, a guide
Tide your veins from the generosities of Hashem
Eggs sleep Khadija and birch
You are out of ancestors
Hussein nurtured Hussein, Jaafar and Aqeel
These are the graves and the role of your father's children
They fill a width in the room and length
The Hajj pilgrims did not go to them
In the East, children are curious
The love of the people who lived in the house shows them
So they will come back to her height
O son of the Prophet, and kings have a message,
Whoever deserved her justice was a Messenger
Some of those who have fulfilled a blessing
Glorification and Rehabilitation of Your People
I was healed near your glory for an hour
Out of the eagerness of the longing heart
And your family’s affairs were only revealed by grace
You don't leave a quarter of the occupied
So you branded me honorable maliciousness
With them the dearest, dearest
You will then know, sir
I will repay beautifully beautiful

And in the praise of the homeland, countless poems are also said, including:
I love you for a replacement
Do you want to tell me evidence?
Your love will be lost in my blood
No, I will not and will not be inclined
Your remembrance will be lost in my mouth
And my will in every generation
Patriotism is not a pretense
Patriotism is a heavy business
And the proof of my love, my country
The long time will bear witness
As for us, I strive patiently
To achieve the noble goal
My life will be loyal
It gives and will not become stingy
My country childhood shelter
The original creation taught me
A section of those who break the sky
Not to flee in beautiful
I am the detonating weapon
In a spiteful face or a customer
And I am the burning flame
For every fallen or an outsider
I will be a definitive sword
I am brave and humiliated
A high covenant, O homeland
A high vow
I will be trusted
For everyone who loves to leave

One of the most beautiful poems of praise is Ahmed Shawky's poem in praise of the Prophet

Hoda was born, the creatures are bright *** and the mouth of time smiles and Sana

The soul and the angels filling it around *** for religion and the world by buying it

The throne boasts and the barn is bright *** and the ultimate and the brilliant sidra

The revelation distills a series of *** series, the tablet and the wonderful pen narrated

Oh best of presence came a salute *** From messengers to your guidance they came

You are human beings, God is the sky, so you are decorated *** and perform ablution with your misfortune

On the morning of his day, *** and his evening in Mohammed Wadda

The light inspires you in its darkness *** successive manifested by the dark

The verse sees, and the paranormal are great *** Gabriel Rouah with lunch

Religion praises verse in verse *** for building Surahs and lights

The right to it is the basis and how not to *** and God Almighty build

With you, Ibn Abdullah, Samha *** made the right of boredom

It was built on monotheism and it is a fact *** called for Socrates and the ancients

And walked along the times with its light *** The priests of the Nile Valley and the Serfs

God is above creation in it alone *** and people under its banner are competent

Religion is easy and succession is pledged allegiance *** and the matter is Shura and rights are due

Socialists, you are in front of them *** if it were not for the claims of the people and the mistake

Dwight dulled and dawned a mutation *** and lighter than some medicine the disease

The war is in your right, you have the law *** and it is a poisonous detox drug

Righteousness, you have a duty and an obligation *** not granted and paid

She came, so she paid zakat *** until he met the generosity and the miserly

The people of poverty were fair to the people of wealth *** Everyone has the same right to life

You who have morals do not like Ala *** from it, and the people do not like it

Your adulteress in the great creation includes merits *** who are tempted and generous

If you are lenient, you will reach the level of goodness *** and do what you are not doing

And if you forgive, able and destiny *** do not underestimate your forgiveness, the ignorant

And if you have mercy, then you are a mother or father *** These two are in the world

And if you get engaged, the platforms have a jolt *** The dew and hearts cry

And if you take the covenant or give it a ***, then all your covenant is clear and fulfilled

May God grant him the honor of intercession alone

I praise you, bridal messenger ***

They are good, so if you accept graciously, *** their dowries are a good intercession

I did not come to your door praising, but calling *** *** and with praise, pray and pray

I invite you on the part of the weak nationalist, for a crisis in which you are met. Please