Sayings and wisdom of philosophers


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Sayings and wisdom of philosophers

Philosophers throughout the ages have a specific and different view on all matters of life, they take things differently from others, and usually put their overall wisdom into a few wonderful sentences , some of them wrote a lot of judgment about life, science, and culture, and some of them were monitored by multiple sayings About the difference between men and women from their behaviors to their attributes, here we will present to you some expressions about a number of great philosophers .

The rule of William Shakespeare

  • Some are born great , some strive to be great, and some cause great hardship for these.
  • Love is nothing but imagination and madness, and I tell you that the lover deserves to be thrown in a dark room and flogged with whip like madmen. As for the reason that lovers are not punished in this way and do not recover from their cause, it is that madness has become a common thing even for the whip hitters themselves.
  • All days seem nights until I meet you, and nights appear bright days if dreams allow me to see you.
  • If you want to love and be loved and you search for love between your relatives and friends, especially your parents, you will not find anyone enough for you to love others, they loved you without reason.
  • There is nothing beautiful that remains beautiful. All the praise is the mortality, but your summer will not be lost, nor will you lose the light of beauty, and the terrible annihilation will not boast that you are walking among the shadows, as long as there are people in the earth who live, and as long as there are eyes that see, then my hair will repeat the time, and in it You live in a row.
  • Do not beg for a cold affection, and do not ask a grandiose connection, do not wait for the one who does not come, be ahead of your mind, retreating in your heart.
  • When happiness enters the hearts of others, happiness will know your address.
  • I think some people need to ignore it a little, to know how beautiful we care about them.
  • You would never have felt a feeling better than a friend reminding you of a long absence.
  • Despite the simplicity of sincere acts, they make a deep feeling in the heart that is not reached by major compliments.
  • The greatest blessing in life is peace of mind. If you feel it, you have everything.
  • For your peace of mind: reciprocity is the best way to stay comfortable.
  • I don't care about every person leaving my life, I don't care if I'm wrong.
  • The deleted part of our words, dreams that we do not tell anyone, the view that we keep until we turn, is we really.
  • Do not allow any creature to frustrate you, neither intellectually, nor practically, nor emotionally, do not allow them to take you to the hapless angle.
  • Poor people who are impatient, so any wound that only fits gradually.
  • A sane woman is not jealous, he was told and why? He said: Because jealousy is an admission that there is a woman more beautiful than her.
  • As a matter of literature, listen to people well. As a matter of precaution, do not believe everything they say .

Wisdom and a lesson

A wise poem and a lesson for the poet Khalis Azmi, who is from Iraq. He obtained a diploma in journalism from Egypt. He graduated from the College of Law in Baghdad, became a general manager in the Office of the Ministry of Culture and Information, and participated in various conferences inside and outside Iraq, and has many works in poetry. The story, play, and critical research in literature, and his books include: A Tale of Contemporary Arab Literature, Engineering of Arab Thought, and Home in the Cities of Love, and this is his poem:
March of life
O Salwa, who is betrayed in his idea
And confused the unknown in his matter
And the glow of dawn at night
Like a full moon ray in its purity
He toured his longings
The confidential interlocutor
Al-Sadiq was close to his grandfather
And alienated from the desertion
God knows who has happened
In his silence, speaking or speaking out
I came across your memory, is it wrong?
Who follows the lamp at night?
Do you see me guilty of returning?
When I stole the star on ignorance
Your memory here was a painting
From lily swimming in the kohl
Today the oil is very dry
And I feathered with humor

The sayings of Gibran Khalil Gibran

  • The heart is similar to his emotions imbued with cedar Bogsanha scattered, if you have lost the cedar tree branch strong pain, but they do not die , but turned their forces vital to the branch next door to grow and exalted and fills its branches place Bough harvested.
  • We wish that the names do not change the years, and if our love is like death, it is not repeated twice.
  • O fair love, you who restrain my desires with your mighty hand, and turn my famine and thirst into fathers and deafness, do not harm me to the strong, the determination in me, to eat bread, or drink wine, who desire the weak of my soul. Rather, let me starve, but let my heart be thirsty, and let me die and die, before I extend my hand to a mug that you did not fill or a cup that you did not bless.
  • Let us quarrel with what we want and the will of strife, for you are one of Ehden and I am a human, and it seems to me that the issue is an inheritance, you are the closest people to my soul, and you are the closest people to my heart, and we have never quarreled with our spirit or our heart, we did not quarrel without thought and thought something gained.
  • Yesterday evening, I saw a woman sitting on the steps of the temple, with two men sitting, one on her right and the other on her left, looking at her, and I noticed amazing that her right cheek was pale and that her left cheek was supplied.
  • Your silence about what does not satisfy you, your first concessions, your tolerance of what I tire you, and your concealment of your refusal, endurance, and concealment, all of which are hardness that only hurt you.
  • The more you love someone, the more sensitive you are to his words, behaviors and reactions, and because you expect him to always manage your feelings, so you will be greatly hurt.
  • Beauty and ugliness once met on the seashore, and they said to each other: Can you swim? Then they took off their clothes and waded the dresses. After a while, the ugliness returned to the beach and wore the camel's clothes and went for its sake. The camels also came from the sea and did not find their clothes and shame all the shame to be naked, so he wore the robe of the ugliness and went for his path, and since that day the men and women have sinned whenever they meet to know Each other, but there are people who think about the beauty and know it despite its clothes, and there is a person who knows the face of ugliness, and the dress that he wears does not hide it from their eyes.
  • Among the people are murderers who have never shed blood, and thieves have never stolen anything, and a lie they only said is true.
  • People are not always used to sweet words, because when your circumstances force you to silence, they will think that you no longer love them.
  • I see in your conversation what makes me adore you forever, so what about you.
  • When a person is sad, make sure that someone is tired of his heart without mercy.
  • You may cry and this is your right, you may be sad and this is your right, but never be broken.

The pulse of wisdom

The pulse of wisdom poem by the poet Faisal Ahmed Muhammad Fathallah Hajjaj, currently resides in Alexandria, Egypt, and he works as a presenter and presenter for programs on Radio Alexandria, and he has three poetry collections under publication, and these are the verses of his poem:
Understand what I am not saying and what I am saying
And she was aware of her intellect
Gilded, polite meanings suffer
It is an outright candor
She cursed and penetrated, thanks to my Lord
She stalked her stallions
They deciphered the universe cipher
It has green or fading
It turns green if we walk
Their paths extend the plains
We are found in paths
The homeless and the servile walked in
Ask the world to give you an honest answer
He who is empty and who is accepted
And if you argue, sins should reign
It does not designate an insane guide
You fools shout in mirage
Disguised in the lean corners
Were not the wisdom of wisdom answered?
My lusts increased, amazed me ?!
Nationalist, they left you with treachery
Nurtured by abomination and long silence
Who will reward someone else who has addressed it?
When will expatriate arrival arrive
Not to be exposed to the one who betrayed an era
He sold us the chain
And I said to the deceiver, I am gone astray
Your delusion, you heavy gossip
And tell the one who calls tobacco
Your highness of sins is impossible
And tell those who disobey people
Come back and benefit those who count
And tell the unforgettable one
He trampled his death , and Hebron was desperate
A boy made of sand, without mirrors
Nice Be nice will identify you
National for the hypocrite Nationalists otherwise
Let him stand it
She walked the snake, and she scattered us
In our house we do not pray nor do we go

The sayings of Plato

  • Adversity is good for the soul as much as it spoils the living, and luxury spoils the soul with the same amount of living.
  • The price that the good people pay for their indifference to public affairs is for the bad people to rule them.
  • The calamity is to study without thinking, and the greatest calamity is to think without studying.
  • We are crazy if we cannot think, and bigots if we do not want to think, and servants if we do not dare to think.
  • If it was raining freedom, I would see some slaves carrying umbrellas.
  • Plato replied to those who blamed him for criticizing his teacher: My teacher is dear to me, but the truth is dearest to me.
  • The price that the good people pay for their indifference to public affairs is for the bad people to rule them.
  • A righteous person does not need laws to tell him how to act responsibly, but a corrupt person will always find some way to get around the laws.
  • The good man is the one who endures pain, but does not cause it.
  • A little knowledge while working with it, more beneficial than a lot of knowledge with less work.
  • Do not care about the speed of work, but rather pay attention to its quality, because people do not ask how long it took until it was finished, but rather look at its proficiency and the quality of its work.
  • Whoever refuses today to accept advice that does not cost anything, will tomorrow have to purchase the regret that will cost him the most expensive price.
  • We are crazy if we cannot think, and bigots if we do not want to think, and servants if we do not dare to think.
  • If you are tired of the good, then the fatigue will disappear and the good will remain, and if you enjoy sins then the pleasure will be gone and the sins will remain.
  • Do not be discouraged, make slow progress, even if slow.
  • The eyes of the insight do not become sharp unless the eyes of the body are weakened.
  • We are not insulted by injustice because we are afraid of it, but because we are afraid of suffering from it.