Short story for children

The story of God sees me

There was an intelligent and quick-witted boy named (Ahmad) who was living in a village, and one day a sheikh from the west of the city came to ask about him, so one of the men asked about him:
  1. Sheikh: Do you live in this village a boy named Ahmed?
  2. Man: Yes, sir.
  3. Sheikh: Where is he now?
  4. MAN: It must be in the book and it will pass through here.
  5. Sheikh: When will he return?
  6. Man: I don't know, but why do you ask for it? And why did you bring these boys with you?
  7. Sheikh: You will see soon.

The Sheikh had brought with him three boys from the west of the city and four apples. The Sheikh wanted to test Ahmed's intelligence , and minutes passed and Ahmed passed in front of the Sheikh.
  1. Sheikh: Oh Ahmed, Ahmed.
  2. Ahmed: Yes, sir.
  3. Sheikh: Have you finished the lesson?
  4. Ahmed: Yes, but why do you ask, sir?
  5. Sheikh: Take this apple and go and search for a place where no one sees you and eat the apple.

The Sheikh distributed the rest of the apples to the boys, and after several minutes the boys came back and Ahmed was not among them, so the following dialogue took place:
  1. Sheikh: Did you eat apples?
  2. The three said together: Yes, sir
  3. Sheikh: Well, tell me where did you eat the apple?
  4. I: I ate it in the desert.
  5. Second: I ate it on the roof of our house.
  6. Third: I ate it in my room.

Minutes passed and the sheikh asked himself: Where is Ahmed? Still looking for a place? suddenly Ahmad came back with an apple in his hand?
  1. Sheikh: Why didn't you eat the apple?
  2. Ahmed: I have not found a place where no one can see me?
  3. Sheikh: And why?
  4. Ahmed: Because God sees me wherever I go.
  5. He patted on the shoulder of Sheikh Ahmed, who is impressed with his intelligence.

The story of the two little birds

Two young birds met on the branch of an old olive tree . Time was winter. The tree was huge and weak, almost unable to face the wind. The first bird shook his sin and said:
Bored of moving from one place to another, despairing of finding a warm stable place, once we get used to a house and homes until the winter and winter come to us, we have to leave again in search of a new headquarters and a new house.
The second bird laughed , and said with irony: What more do you complain about and complain about? We are like the birds, God created us for permanent migration, all of our homelands are temporary.
The first said: It is forbidden for me to dream of a homeland and identity, to you I wanted to have a permanent home and an unchanging address, keep quiet a little before continuing his words: contemplate this tree I think is more than a hundred years old, its roots are as if it is part of the place, maybe if it was moved to Another place she died forcibly away because she loves her land.
  • The second bird said: Wonder your thinking, do you compare the bird with the tree? You know that every creature of the creatures of God a special nature that distinguish it from others, do you want to change the laws of life and the universe? We - the tenth of birds - since God created us fly and move through forests, seas, mountains, valleys and rivers. We never knew the restrictions except when a person locked us in a cage, our homeland is this great space, the entire universe is ours, so the universe is for us a pounding success.
The first response: I understand ... I understand, do you think I'm so young? I want an identity, an address, a country, I think you will not understand what I want.
The second bird turned and saw a black cloud approaching quickly toward them, and he warned, warning: Come on, come on .. Let's go before the rain and rain come to realize us, we wasted enough time.
The first coldly said: Listen to me, what do you think if we settle into this tree, it looks strong, solid and unshakable in front of storms?
The second responded firmly: meaningless dreams suffice, I will set out and leave you.

The two birds began to quarrel, the tree felt uncomfortable with them, the tree shook its branches with force, and it blew out like a storm.