Strange hair

Strange hair

These are some strange poems, whether in their formulation, in their meaning or in their formulation
These are the verses that you can read both horizontally and vertically
Blame my friend and this is impossible
My friend said he liked it
This is eloquent words
It is impossible to say beauty is fiction
Imam Ali says
His affection lasts for every hole ... and does all his affection last
This house can be read upside down on both sides

They dreamed of what Shem worsened for them **** they allowed, and who of them did not

Greet, so I will not give them a **** guide, let them not be lost years

These verses are part of the rugby poem, and it has an amazing feature, which is:
The verses, praise and praise verses, but if you read it upside down word by word, that is, it starts from the rhyme of the second part of the first house and ends with the first word in the first part of the first house, the result will be alphabetical verses balanced and revered, and well-knit And they are as follows
Who among them have scarcely what they allow **** Shem for them has worsened, so what have they dreamed of?
Sunan them lost not Rushdoa **** presented them still not handed over
Also from the jokes of poetry this poem, which is a praise of Nawfal Bin Darem, and if I am satisfied with reading the first part of each house, the poem will turn upside down, and the poem will become defamation, not praise.
Praise poem:

If you come Nawfal bin Darm **** Amir Makhzoum and Saif Hashem
I found it the darkest of all the unjust **** on dinars or dirhams

The most obscene words and dictionaries **** secretly and secretly
It is not embarrassing to blame everyone who is guilty **** if he decides the right to crimes
And does not take into account the side of the honore **** on the right side and the justice of the ruler
Whoever comes to regret shall knock **** if no one is coming
Defamation poem:
If you come Nawfal bin Darm **** and you find it unfair to every oppressor
And make up the idioms and the dictionaries **** is not embarrassed to blame all those who fit
And does not take into account the side of the Makarim **** knocks those who come to regret age
The tongue does not move with its reading
My father is fictitious, and they are my beloved ones
And the second house does not move by reading the lips:
We cut to cut the cat, cut the night quickly, on horseback
This house, which is always described when explaining the parable of poetry, and what it means is that you do not meet me like meeting you on the owner of the orchard at the time of harvest. Go away from me, its meaning is not clear:
What do you lean on, lean on your luck,
Live the name of the dam has been found so far in the families of
Pour out the blast of a boy, protect the ritual causes of the disease during the twelve months
And I said to the navigator, "I say *** from afar" to someone who loves you (...) a sign of a kiss
She pointed to a wrist and then said *** From afar, disagreement was said (...)
I breath an hour and then *** I said to the mule at that time (...) A hint of walking

(the rhymes in these verses are phoneme, but they are not written and this is one of Abu Nawas’s wonders ).
Habib wrote to his sweetheart when she left him
O ugliest harem
O clover addict
God bless you
And take you and rest from this mean face
Oh cheaper people
O face of the people
O the most races
You have a feeling of poverty
Give praise to your Lord if Vicky is satisfied with one sweeper
You are a black point in my life
You don't even deserve my words
You swallow a bath
You are your beauty .......... Just delusions
You are an insect, end your life by pressing them