Symptoms of depression

Depression and sudden mental illness caused by accumulated factors
Depression is a sudden disease that occurs without warning or symptoms predisposed to occur, but this does not negate the presence of common factors among many people with this psychological condition that made them more susceptible to it than others.


  • 1 The spread of the disease in the family
  • 2 Incidence of serious and chronic diseases
  • 3 major psychological problems and pressures
  • 4 Alcohol and drug addiction
  • 5 years old
  • 6 symptoms of depression

The spread of the disease in the family

About two-thirds of those with depression have family members or relatives who have had the disease before

The incidence of serious and chronic diseases

Depression may occur for some who suffer from illnesses that cause psychological or physical harm to people with epilepsy, fibrous head injuries, heart or stroke, and obesity.

Major psychological problems and pressures

Sudden loss of family and loved ones or family and family problems, marriage, divorce, the collapse of moral principles and values ​​in modern societies, poverty and the inability to provide ways and means for decent living in modern societies, are a set of daily psychological pressures that a person suffers from in modern societies, all of which are problems and pressures Psychology that leads to depression as a psychological reaction to these problems

Alcohol and drug addiction

According to medical statistics, cases of depression among alcohol and drug addicts are more prevalent compared to individuals who do not use alcohol or drugs at all or use them for a few or far periods. At the same time, according to medical statistics, patients with depression are more likely to use alcohol and drugs than those without depression.


The age of youth and adolescence has become, according to the opinion of mental health experts, one of the most miserable periods of life for many young people and adolescents in the modern era , as they tend to express their internal feelings towards the requirements of modern society and its many problems by showing feelings of anger and rebellion and in reality, according to the opinion of mental health experts, The lack of treatment of depression in adolescents carries with it the risk of patients committing suicide, and evidence of an increase in the suicide rate for more than three classes among adolescents and young adults and from both sexes

Symptoms of depression

Fast feeling tired, lethargic and tired
Decreased or increased appetite for eating.
Thoughts on the meaning of life and wish to get rid of it.
Decreased mood and depression.
Loss of enjoyment of time and activities previously achieved.
Sleep disturbances such as insomnia and sometimes excessive sleep.
Feeling guilty . Decreased ability to focus and inability to make decisions. Physical symptoms such as headache sometimes