Talk about happiness

Talk about happiness

Happiness is a requirement, desire, and basic need that everyone searches for and wishes to be achieved in various fields, and every person has a special kind of happiness and according to what he wants and as he sees it, happiness may be for a person is to collect money and live prosperity and enjoy by him in everything With life like buying a luxury car, or buying expensive clothes and more.

And perhaps happiness may be the closeness to the beloved and the completion of life with him at the end of a relationship that culminates in marriage, and it may be the completion of education and obtaining the highest educational ranks, or, holding certain positions.

Many things a person sees as reasons for happiness, but the real happiness lies in the fact that the human heart is full of love for God Almighty and one lives in comfort, reassurance, satisfaction and contentment, so do not pay much attention to material things, because true happiness is the comfort of the pallus of obedience to the Most Merciful.

These are the most beautiful words and phrases said in happiness
- Happiness does not descend on you from heaven .... Rather you are the one who sows it on earth
- Whoever is waiting for everything to be happy will not get happiness in anything
There are many characteristics that come against happiness, foremost among which are selfishness and self-love
Be content with what you have and be happy
The best states of happiness are what blends with your mind, heart and neighborhood
- It is not happiness that you do not go through pain, and that you do not face difficulties, but rather that you keep your composure and calm your nerves, and the optimism of your heart while you face difficulties and pain
- Be happy while you are on the road to happiness, for true happiness is in trying and not at the arrival station.
Be content with what you have .... and you are satisfied with us, you are him ... and look at who is less than you in blessings .... and who is more than you in calamity .... and thus you enjoy happiness and contentment.
- Your happiness in your memory, and your memory in your memories, so make it beautiful and live happy.
- Al-Saeed sees the present as his best day, and the optimist sees his future better than his present, while the pessimist views the past as the best of days, and sees his future only as bleak
Whoever is waiting for everything to be happy, will not have happiness in anything

Remember the moments of your joy in disaster hour ... so as not to give up. And remember the hours of your misfortune in moments of joy ... so as not to be deceived.
- Be happy while you are on the road to happiness, for true happiness is in trying and not at the arrival station.
Do not allow anyone to take priority in your life ...
When you are a secondary choice in his life ..
Do not look for your happiness in others
Otherwise, you will find yourself alone and sad
Rather, search for it within yourself
And you will feel happy even if you stay alone ...
Happiness always seems insignificant
When we hold it with our little hands ...
But when we learn to share it,
We will realize how big and precious it is ...!.