the difference between the boy and the girl

God Almighty created male and female and made differences between them that fit each gender according to the mission that He created for them.
And every age stage has its own characteristics and differences.

What is the difference between a boy and a girl?

There are many differences between boys and girls in terms of personality, thinking and body composition. The structure of the brain of boys and girls is different, as well as chemical processes. The boy’s brain develops more slowly than the girl’s brain and the left half of the brain when boys control thinking. It grows and develops more slowly from the right and controls the ability to perceive and relate things to each other. They have a greater ability to analyze, they are the best in mathematics, and they retreat in the field of reading and languages.

As for the girl’s brain, it grows and develops in a more balanced way. She can use the two hemispheres well in reading and emotional awareness activities. Her brain also works all the time, making it ingenious in more than one job at one time. Her brain secretes a greater amount of serotonin, a neurotransmitter and restrains aggression unlike children. Boys testosterone, which controls nervousness and makes them more aggressive.
Studies confirm that there are significant differences in linguistic development. Girls remain superior to boys until the third year of age, whereby males join them and females regain their superiority around the eleventh year, that girls start talking before boys, and girls have shown continuous excellence in reading speed tests .
As for the field of social interaction, in situations of confrontation with parents or anyone, girls appear hesitant and fearful movements in the face indicating apprehension while boys do not show significant fear, in relation to the social mix, girls seem more isolated and alive And they love innovation.
Motivated by instinct, the boy imitates his father and the girl imitates her mother, and this is clear from their games. Girls play with dolls and play the role of mother and girl. He loves playing with cars or sharp objects.
Studies have also shown that the size of the brain differs, as the brain differs from the boy, but the issue has nothing to do with thinking
That the girl’s motor development is faster than the boy ,, as the little girl starts walking in the month before the boy.