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Linguists differ in the classification of hamza, when the old hamzah is defined as a severe letter, and the Arabic language has sixteen outlets, the hamzah comes out of the first exits of the throat and the throat is from the end, and it is considered one of the heaviest letters in the throat, as the tongue is burdened by it, but for the modern, the hamzah is a whispered letter; This is as a letter that does not vibrate in the throat, and it is an opinion that is consistent with the laboratory experiments conducted by western scientists, but it is also an explosive letter; that is, it exits after the pressure of the air that was compressed between the two vocal cords, and its exit is considered to be from the extreme throat. [1] Al-Khalil bin Ahmed Al - Farahidi Al- Hamza put a symbol from the letter Ras (PBUH) two centuries after the spelling of the alphabet. [2]

Types of hamza

Hamzah has several names classified according to its function or position in the word, whether it is a verb or a verb, and is classified into two main types depending on its pronunciation: the hamzat of the link , and the hamzat of the pieces, the hamzah of the original pieces located in the first, middle, and last of the word, and is pronounced and pronounced wherever it occurs. As for the link hamza, it is considered superfluous, and its position is the first static word , so that its image is fixed; [2]

Hamzat Al-Wasl

The hamzat is the hamzah that appears only in the form of the letter alif , and it is written and not uttered if it comes in the middle of the sentence such as our saying (Muhammad strived), so the dal sign is connected to the letter J without the presence of any word for the hamzat of the junction, but if the hamzat comes in the first sentence, it is written And it was pronounced, as we said: Muhammad worked hard. [3] The jumper is standard and audio. [2]

Contact points

The hub can be located in several locations, including: [4]

  • The ten names: They are ten names in the Arabic language that start with a hamzat wasl, and likewise if you bend it, you start with a hamzat wasl, and these names are: name, wist, son, daughter, son, man, woman, two, two, and ayman god.
  • The source of the five-way verb: If an explicit source is formulated from a past five-letter verb , the first was a link; like the source of the verb met, meeting, and similarly a smile, a difference, an exam, and others.
  • The source of the hexagonal verb: If an explicit source of the past verb formatted the letters, the source begins with a junction, such as the source of the verb extracted, extracted, and likewise reception, approval, willingness, and others.

  • The past of the five-pointed verb: such as: meet, smile, and disagree.
  • Five-way command: such as: strive, meet, unite.
  • The past of the hexagonal verb: such as: extract, independence, receive.
  • Hexagon command: for example: absorb, receive, and extract.
  • Triple Action Command: Type, open, and sit.

The letters
The link is located in (the) solar definition, such as: reproduction, the sun, and in (the) lunar definition, such as: the moon, and the sea.

Hamza cut

The hamzah of pieces is the hamzah that is always written and pronounced, whether it is at the beginning of a sentence, such as: write on the blackboard, or in the middle of the sentence, such as: I was writing on the blackboard. [3]

Hamzah cutting positions

The hamza is pronounced and considered as a hamza cut in several places, including: [4]

  • The source of the triple verb: the explicit source of the triple verb is a beginner with a hamza cut, so the source of the triple verb is taken, and here the hamza is considered a hamza for the cut, and the same is: eat, sorrow, and others.
  • The source of the quadratic verb: If it comes to the explicit source of the quadrilateral verb, like the faster verb whose source is acceleration, the hamza at its beginning is a cutting ham. Likewise: saving, neglecting, and others.
  • All names except for what was mentioned above in the hamzat al-Wasl: such as pronouns, some tools such as if conditional, and names like Ahmad and Ashraf.

  • The past of the triple whispered verb, such as: taking, eating, and others.
  • Quadrant past past, such as: expressed, better, and faster.
  • Quadrant action, such as: answer, faster, and more.
  • Presentation hamzah: It is a hamzah cut in all verbs from trilogy like (write) to hexagon like (I recommend).

The letters
All letters are shaken by pieces, except for the (the) solar and the lunar ones, they are a link, and examples of the letters of the pieces are: the question ham and the call .

Hamzah and a thousand soft

Some may fall into ambiguity between the hamza - or what is called a harsh alif - and the soft alif, because both are formed from the letter alif, the hamzah is a letter that accepts all movements, and falls at the beginning of the word as a word (write), or in the middle of it like (ask), or the last such as (Beach). As for the soft thousand, it is a letter that results from an audio extension resulting from satisfying the movement of the hole for the letter that precedes it, and its positions in the center of the word are like: door, the last of which is like: hospital, which is a letter that does not accept the movements. [3]

Hamza cases

It is unanimously agreed that the hamza is a letter distinguished by its weight, and it is subject to seven cases found in the Holy Qur’an : [1]
  • Investigation : By that we mean giving the hamza its full verbal qualities by exiting it from the extreme throat.
  • Facilitation : that is to say the hamza between it and the homogeneous letter of its movement.
  • Deletion : It is the fall of the gossip in its extreme state or when two word spells meet.
  • Substitution : Is to make hamzah J, Wawa, or Alpha.

special cases

In some cases, the hamzat al-wasl and qat'ah are subject to changes in its writing in form or in its pronunciation, and from these cases, a thousand was deleted in writing from the word (son) in the event that it occurred between two flags such as: Muhammad bin Abdullah, and a thousand (the) definition is omitted if it is preceded by the letter of Lam, such as Delete (the) definition from the word (glory) in the sentence: Glory to glory, and the cut-off hamzah is omitted if it was preceded by an interrogative hamzah in the event of a fracture, so the word your name is immortal if preceded by an interrogative hamzah becomes: Your name Khaled? As for the monument - that is, the conquest - if the vowel is preceded by an interrogative symbol, it is drawn as a tide character, such as: travel, which I like to you from the residence? [5]