The fattest woman in the world

Obesity or obesity is defined as being more than twenty percent overweight.

Sections of obesity

  • Hormonal obesity, which occurs as a result of hormonal disorders related to the supra-renal and pituitary glands.
  • Nutritional obesity resulting from excess food intake for the long-term needs of the body.

Causes of obesity

  • Eat carbohydrates in large quantities, such as: eating bread, rice and materials.
  • Drink more food and drinks.
  • Have fun like nuts, peanuts, and candy between meals.
  • Laziness and lethargy
  • Not to get used to physical exercise
  • Psychological factors that cause the individual to accept large quantities of food

The fattest woman in the world

  • Brenda Davis is the world's tallest woman, with a weight of 254 kilograms.
  • Miranda took the title of fattest woman after the death of her competitor, Sharon Mevsimler, due to a heart attack, which weighed 300 kilograms.
  • This woman cannot do her job as a special team cares for her, shopping and preparing food for her.
  • Birinda, 43, has not left her home four years ago due to her excessive weight.
  • A Birunda bed is made to fit its size.
  • Brinda eats 6000 calories a day, and this number is three times more than the needs of a normal woman.
  • Birenda can only walk 10 meters, as she exhausts her full strength as she walks from bed to bathroom, as she is the only exercise she does.
  • By her bedside, Miranda places an icebox filled with food, candy and soft drinks.
  • Birinda spends about £ 250 on food every week, and about another £ 100 a month on fast food.
  • Doctors choose Bernada between a diet or death because her body is unable to undergo weight-loss surgery.
  • Miranda is ashamed of herself after reaching this condition, and she feels desperate and bored that she is unable to help herself.