The meaning of the name Amal

the name Amal

  • It is a name of Arabic origin.
  • It is one of the names that does not violate Islamic law.
  • It is considered beautiful and expressive.
  • Hope: hope and anticipation.
  • Hope: waiting and expecting something to happen.
  • Hope: waiting for a promising tomorrow and beautiful things.

Amal Bouchoucha

  • She is an Algerian singer, actress and broadcaster.
  • I was born in Algeria in 1982.
  • She became famous through the "Star Academy" program.
  • I entered the world of program presentation through the program (Top 20), which was shown on Rotana.
  • She was represented in many Syrian series, the most prominent of which are: Memory of the Body by the novelist Ahlam Mostaghanemi, and the Brotherhood Series.
  • Critics consider it the future of Arab acting.
  • She has many songs: including: (hit mad) that she was famous for.

Hope hair

She stood at the ruins of a beautiful male
I turned on at night and lived my day
And she shed tears to her memory because she is
I resurrected the dead, and he cried out
So I asked him why I see you after sleep
Calling, my curse answered that girl
What is her name after that, I fell in love
All of the time accompany the seven
I told him that her name mentioned it
Restore hope and restore my longing
He said, "Do not mind baffle me."
Would you not tell me to end my slumber?
I told him that her name was decreed on
Your hidden letters O Zamani
He said to my age now I knew her
Hope my love and fragrance of my life