The meaning of the name Ghassan


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  • 3 names of children and their meanings

The meaning of the name Ghassan

Ghassan is considered to be an Arabic name, and it is a name given to males, and its origin goes back to Arabs who were in the south called Al-Ghassasenah. This name means the youth, strength, intensity and activity of the youth.

Names of the same weight

Male names

There are some male names that came in the same weight as the Ghassan name, which may be used to designate the sister baby of Ghassan, as follows:
  • Safwan: The Smooth Rock.
  • Imran: the architecture, and the country’s architecture.
  • Canaan: an ancient Semitic male memorial name, meaning lowland.
  • Rakan: steadfastness, dignity, and sobriety.
  • Ryan: succulent green twigs, or someone's mustache.
  • Annan: It did not rise to the sky.
  • Marwan: Muthanna Mero, a white stone.
  • Sufyan: The accelerator walking.

Female names

There are some female names that came in the same weight as the Ghassan name, which may be used to name Ghassan's sister, and they are as follows:
  • Razan: The stately dignified girl.
  • Rowan: The listener listened to and listened to.
  • Najwan: From the Munajat, which is the secrets of the low hadith.
  • Nuran: The light and the illumination, and in the a thousand and no extra letters of this exaggeration.
  • Buran: The hail accompanied by heavy rain, which is a Persian name.
  • Lian: Live ductility, which is a roughness odds.
  • Afnan: The collection of Fennan, which is the branch.

The names of children and their meanings

Each person is said to have a share, and the following are beautiful names for naming newborn boys:
  • Kazem: The traitor for his rage and anger.
  • Companion: The friend and friend, or who was companionship of course.
  • Milad: an Arabic masculine name that means at the time of birth.
  • Tamim: from firmness and intensity.
  • Fire : the intensity and heat of the fire.
  • Yamen: right hand and blessing.
  • Samer: Stay up late at night.
  • Raef: The Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
  • Asil: with originality and generosity, or is the time between Asr and Maghrib.
  • Smiling: It was called smiling.
  • Adham: a name that means the intensity of the blackness, and denotes the intensity and darkness of the night.
  • Taim Allah: Abdullah, the word "Taim" means the servant.
  • Serious: the quality of the thing and the goodness of making it.
  • Haider: A name of the lion.
  • Saji: Quiet, stable person.
  • Descriptive: The pure thing is free from turbidity.
  • Qais: The strong and resilient person, the name of an ancient Arab tribe.
  • Muadh: The name of the person immune to the names of God from all harm.
  • Wafi: who was of a loyal nature to his family and companions.