The meaning of the name Hala

The meaning of the name Hala

Hala is one of the most beautiful names, and many people give it to their female children. The name Hala means the beautiful sweet thing, the clear matter, the kohl, the great destiny, the morning, the moon, and the groom's gift for his bride on the wedding day. It also means the beginning of baldness.

Beautiful poems mentioning the name Hala

  • Oh, a solution in you, a solution, Zayed
Every day something new appears
Oh beautiful face and stature with him
I saw you and my heart after seeing you tied
You have brow hair in the world of his age
Luminous the light of the universe and more
Mullah's eyes speak loudly
With its original Hack Aldia far plate
Decorate the universe with your eyes with it
In your remnants, the solution is above balance

Your smile explains my heart, O meaning
All the meaning behind the smile is intense
There is death in your lips and your luster
Word exit from your mouth twitter
Your love of Goofy is over
And if you have patience, its effect is cheap
Every true nobility from Jah
From the eyes of her eyes, a drop of hunting
Every dress that Zinc wore on his clothes
Luster, taste and luxury, Farid
Not everyone walks give you attention
Your walk has become a fashion for many
In you from him .. and from you in it the sweetest serenity
Make your glory and your heart happy
Long live those who named you and your name
I bear witness that he is a master from the son of Syed
Everything in you is incapable of me dying
Oh Waheed Al-Hassan and Waheed's father

  • You are the sweet solution, all of you and you
You, the moon, its light is derived from your light
You are all passive
You don't like anyone except you
And Chloe Abu Jamr lips that
Chlon Abovic your right to your heart
Tell me about creating your own hands
May God protect you from every eye
May God protect you from the evil of Gide
May God protect you for all the benefit of your gift
In your absence my hair, my longing, and the spirit call you
Even my thoughts are all traveling with you
And the heart every minute screams and please
Excuse me enough from the moment of drought
Never forget you for a few seconds, praise you
Blah, it is from your absence I realize the meaning of perishing
If your life comes, and all joy gives you
Black says the world is nothing but Black
Lette feel your glory with a boiled heart
I wish you could realize how big it was in my heart
I wish you knew that I am a lifetime partner
My concern with life is to earn your satisfaction
Feel at you and before you come running
Long live my life, my redeemer
And all my time, I pray to my Lord to spare you
And hurry my happiness in a moment to meet you
I love you, I love you, I love you, and I will give you the best
I adore you and your passions and breathe yours