The meaning of the name Toleen

Every person has a share of his name, a well-known saying urges us to think well before naming our next children to this life, so we can hear from many people who change their names because they believe that they are sensitive to them and their desire to bring good luck and opportunities to believe in them by naming themselves with another name.

If we talk about naming in Islam, we see that Islam obligated any obligation on parents to name their children with decent names with beautiful and distinctive meanings, and forbade naming children with ugly names with ugly meanings that are unpleasant to the soul.
Let's talk about some of the names circulated among people to see what is loved and what is forbidden:

Toleen and Tollai: Toleen's name means halo of light around the moon
As for the name Tolay, it means transparent moonlight, thin, or aura surrounding light, and a kind of flower, which is a lexical name. Its origin may be German and its meaning is "great." It was mentioned in some references that its origin is Berber and means small eye.
Sharia ruling naming girls with this name:
It is advisable in Islamic law to name sons and daughters with nice and loving names, and it does not refer to something that does not have good or something ugly, such as the names by which the Arabs are called in ignorance, and the names may indicate the virtuous and good qualities that the son carries and it is said that every person has a share of his name.
And the people of religion preferred to name the sons in the name of the mothers of the believers and the first women of Islam: they are good names with nice and valuable meanings, and among these names: Khadija, Zainab, Fatima, Aisha, and Asma, and the name Toleen is not considered one of the forbidden names.
Some Sharia rulings, including with regard to names:
Islamic law prohibits the naming of sons and daughters from the names of idols, and the ancient deities through which people were drawn close to God.
Among the fatwas that came from the Standing Committee (26/380):
Prohibition of the names of idols:
The idol idol, idol idol, idol, idol, idol idol, idol idol, idol idol, idol idol. Also, the name Rama is the name of the Hindu deity, so it was forbidden to call it, and it must be changed.

The Almighty said: (And neither the believer nor the believer, when God and His Messenger decreed an order that they have the goodness of their commandment and of God and of God.) The Almighty said: (Indeed, your Lord does not believe until they judge you about what trees have been between them, and then they do not find in themselves an embarrassment of what he decreed).

Names begin with the letter T:
Tamer is the one who feeds dates
Improvement is decorating and beautifying
Tamara is the seller of dates
Tammam is an exaggeration formula, to complete an effective weight
Tawfiq, which means success and reimbursement at work
Facilitating and facilitating
Tim is a slave and returns to the name of an Arab tribe
Taimur in the sense of the king's minister, which is a Turkish name, and its meaning in the language: Tamur: silo and also means the lion's den
The names of girls from the Turkish language:
Congratulations, Tamadar, Tasnim, Amulet, Turkish, Useful, Taghreed, Apple
Smoothing, keepsake, tweets, notes, descriptions, greetings, praises.

Among the distinctive and strange names: Rital name, which means reciting the Qur’an.
Lilas name and its meaning of softness and softness.
Rodin's name and its meaning is the sober woman.
The name Nariz means a little expensive gold.