The most beautiful judgment and lessons in life


  • 1 Life
  • 2 wisdom and a lesson in life
  • 3 valuable tips in life
  • 4 messages and quotes from life
  • 5 valuable thoughts in life
  • 6 ancient Arab rule in life
  • 7 famous sayings and wisdom in life
  • 8 proverbs in life
  • 9 expressions of happiness in life


Life is the path we must take to build life with its happiness, sadness and pain, and this requires an optimistic view of life and looking forward instead of looking back, which opens the paths of success and progress in it.

Judgment and a cross in life

Life teaches us a lot, where we are exposed to many situations; either difficult or beautiful, to get out of it stronger than before, and from that ruling what follows:
  • The world is a school, its director is time and its teacher is destiny, and its students, we humans, meet strangers and live as friends, and if the time for separation comes, do not say farewell, but say goodbye.
  • Life is not long. Let's try everything and it is not short to remember everything, but it is beautiful if we know that it is not worth anything.
  • The lesson is not in the years you lived, but in the pulse of life in those years, live your life and use your time.
  • Life is like the moon sometimes you find it full and bright and sometimes empty and dark.
  • Life has no value unless we find something in it to fight for.
  • Life is a dream, death will wake us up.
  • Whoever fears death will shorten life.
  • Life is experiences that benefit the sane person.
  • Life is a fast train, what a dream has passed, and what lies ahead.

Valuable advice in life

Among the tips that you should take and work with in order to live well and happily are the following:
  • You will live once on this earth; if you make a mistake, apologize, and if you rejoice, express, and do not be complicated, and most importantly, do not hate, envy or hatred.
  • Don't despair, life will make you smile one day.
  • When something comes out of your life, do not be sad. Rather, look at the sky and say, O Lord, make good for it.
  • You will live life only once, if you lived it right then one time is enough.
  • Do not wait eagerly, for fate has written that everything comes to you in its time.
  • When you are exposed to shocks at the beginning of your life, be sure that your mind will become much older than you are.
  • Life is a battle; some in it leads and some in it is led. If you are not able to be a master for yourself, then people will retire, and not be a slave to others.
  • Life is like a winding road, everything you do will one day return to you, so do everything that is beautiful, and it will return to you.
  • In any step you take in your life, try to make the mind and the heart together because there is a will in the mind and a conscience in the heart.

Messages and quotes from life

Every day we learn new things from this life , as it offers us almost daily messages to move forward with success , success and optimism, and among the messages that can be used are the following:

The first message:
Life passes by us ..
Her moments draw lines for our thoughts, opinions, and measurements of things ...
We receive this experience from person to person.
So the scales fluctuate when we seek to correct them.
And moderate ... when nothing is found behind it.

The second message:
To ask someone for money ..
First make sure that he has what you want ..
After you are certain of that, proceed to the request ...
Did you ever raise your hands to God with supplication ..
And you are sure that only you have the right to fulfill your need ??
And certainty is matched only by complete confidence in God’s ability to achieve whatever she wants.
It is not a belief that what you want may or may not happen
.. so what with confidence ... and no certainty.

The third message:
Never anticipate events ...
Be patient to say ...
Perhaps his words carry the right thing to create a beautiful person from you ...
And beware of diving in the letters of a lover
His love was nothing but words ...

The fourth message:
Build your opinions about people based on how you see them ...
Not as others see it ..
I might like someone whom others see as unworthy ..
If you have the decision to choose what to eat ...
Human relations are worthy of that decision

Valuable thoughts in life

Thoughts leave an echo within us, and we benefit from them, including beautiful sermons, advice, and lessons across all ages that are useful and suitable for all ages, and mimic the situations we live in in our current reality.
  • When I was a child every time I bought a color box, I would throw the white pen aside, and when my mom asked me why? I say it does not color, and now that I have grown up I am well aware of why white does not color, because it is true and pure. It does not falsify the facts and does not give them any color other than their true color.
  • A quiet voice is stronger than shouting, literature defeats insolence, humility breaks vanity, respect precedes love, honesty crushes lies, and repentance burns Satan.
  • Man does not choose his color, origin, place of birth, or gender, yet some insist on his treatment according to these things. Let us rise to our thinking and treatment, so we are all sons of Adam, and Adam is of dust.
  • No .. I am not passionate about reading to write, nor am I interested in reading to increase life in estimating the account, but rather I love reading because I have one life in this world, and one life is not enough for me, and I do not move all of my conscience from the motives of movement, and reading is not the other that gives me More than one life in the life span of a single person, because it increases this life in terms of depth, although it does not lengthen it by the amounts of the account.

Old Arab rule in life

Ruling has appeared since ancient times and has been transmitted by generations until it reached to this day, to be mentioned in many of the situations that confront us in life, and from that ruling, the following are:
  • The sword is the truest news from the books, as it is the limit between grandpa and play.
  • how fair envy is, it starts with its owner and kills him.
  • Do not smoke a person until you try it, and do not smear it without experiment.
  • First advice packages.
  • Thinking the sane person is better than the ignorant certainty.
  • Evil is much abundant.
  • Perhaps silence was an answer.
  • Leave the answer as an answer.
  • Lord of evil insole from barefoot.
  • Each address on his tongue dates.
  • Stop doubting ignorance.
  • Keep your secret in one, and your advice in a thousand.
  • Everything can be killed except for printing.
  • Everything needs reason, and reason needs consultation.
  • Brains talents and science gains.

Sayings and wisdom famous in life

The judgment and sayings were varied by many people from whom we quote sentences that are useful in life. Among these are the following:
  • Winston Churchill says :
The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, while the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
  • Jerome says :
It is always better to look ahead instead of looking back.
  • Byron says :
A foolish pessimist sees light before his eyes, but he is incredible.
  • Thomas Edison says :
The great hopes of the great people make.
  • Robert Schuler says :
The important thing is not what happens to you, but rather what you will do with what happens to you.
  • Gibran Khalil Gibran says :
There are those who complain because the Lord has thorns, and there are those who are optimistic because the thorns are above a rose.
  • John Naremore says :
A person becomes old when excuses replace hope.
  • William Shakespeare says :
Don't lose hope, beautiful things sometimes get late.
  • George Bernard Shaw says :
Do not lose confidence or hope, promise yourself that you will be a success story, and I promise that all the forces of the universe will unite for your help, you may not feel this day or even for a long time, but the longer your waiting period, the greater your reward.
  • Ibrahim Al-Feki says :
Sometimes God Almighty closes a door in front of us in order to open another better door for us, but most people lose his focus, time and energy in looking at the door that was closed, instead of the door of hope that opened up wide before him.

Various proverbs in life

A person should follow an easy way to deal with life, and take hope as a starting point towards the bright future, and among the examples that a person may benefit from as a way of life have the following:
  • If the word is silver, then the silence is golden.
  • Do not say without thinking, and do not work without measure.
  • Envy does not prevail, and does not die but it is suppressed.
  • Whoever sleeps on you sleeps on you.
  • There is strength in unity, and there is weakness and humiliation.
  • Good brevity makes sense.
  • Whoever finds a grandfather, whoever sow crops, and whoever walks on the path, arrives, and whoever seeks al-Ula nights up.
  • It is better to burn a candle than to curse the darkness.
  • Anger is a wind that blows, and turns the mind off.
  • A true hero does not give up his friends in distress.
  • Your tongue is your horse: if your servant treats you, your betrayal betrays you.
  • If patience tastes bitter, the consequences will be sweetness.
  • The most delicious food is after starvation, the freshest water after thirst, the best sleep after fatigue, and the most beautiful success after sacrifice.
  • As long as there is life, there is hope .
  • A woman's mind is in her beauty, and a man's beauty is in his mind.

Phrases of happiness in life

Happiness is the thing that everyone seeks to obtain, because it is the secret of life that expresses a feeling of contentment, comfort, safety and contentment in this life, and among the expressions said in happiness are the following:
  • Happiness is the primary meaning and goal of life, and the reason for a person’s happiness to leave this universe.
  • The truth may be that there is a little bit dark side in each of us, that being happy does not mean that his life is perfect, because happiness may be the result of a group of small things.
  • Happiness is to be so busy that you don't notice that you are unhappy.
  • As for happiness, nobody writes about it. We live in greed and do not share it with anyone.
  • There is no happiness in this world, but there is reassurance and will.
  • The secret to happiness is to see the masterpieces of the world, but without ever spilling two drops of oil from the spoon.
  • Happiness moves toward you the moment you start pumping happiness toward others.
  • Happiness is not as exciting as misery, happiness is not huge.
  • People who are not looking for happiness, they often find it, because the best way to forget about happiness is to search for it for others.
  • Happy people, make those around them happy and happy.
  • Happiness is not the absence of problems, but rather the ability to deal with these problems.