The most beautiful love letters

The most beautiful love letters

• By the number of roses that are in the universe and the birds that are in each color, send my greetings to the most precious eye

My heart and I, time and suffering ........... I don't know love and counseling. Let me take the fence of love and him .............. accept my appeals and accept my challenges, I lie to myself if I say I forgot it. ........... Do not hurt love, do not injure him. Enough me, I would not live this world ................ By God, my life will be settled without it

• It is forbidden for the sand on which Tendas is walking ..... You deserve all the sand you are walking on.

• Lootah of love .... You are the evidence .... If the heart dies , you are the alternative ... And the word of love in your love is little

• I still have tears in my eyes ....... and traveling in no way, losing myself, I hold you in good condition ........ or even farewell

My dear, you are different, you are the first and last, you are my coldness in the Hejira, my dear Prince

• I have a heart, you have beats ... I have a body, and you have a life ... I have love and you have its moments

• I gave you my life as a gift ..... I apologize for the gift licenses Your fate is above the sky… and its stars are a gift to you

• Oh, good luck, the place is with you ... Oh, good luck, those around you ... Oh good luck, people who see you .... I miss you
• For the sake of love, I will see his doves ....... The gentle soul, this is his safety. My cordial greetings to him on the fly ... These are my words.
And tell him that you see my love in my heart and in my heart of longing. Shame ... my paint is crazy at night ....... 

• It is difficult to sacrifice for love ........ But it is more difficult to find someone to sacrifice for it.

• Do not touch the rose .. From the rose you are jealous .. I am more than love you .. If your loved ones abound.

• To you, whoever loves you, the heart is to you, whoever possesses the eyes, to you who I live for
To you, from your spectrum, he chases me to you, whoever sees your image everywhere in my books .. in my dreams .. in my awakening to you, who trembles my being from the intensity of my love longing to your visions only when mentioning your name
This is the least I can express because your love increases in my heart every moment and because you are everything in my life

• I agreed with your tough judgment, I accepted the poison in Kassi, a message that made me feel, I love you, and you will be harsh

My love: If I wrote the branches of the trees in the sea, I would say to you only the word ..... I love you

              Name: crazy
              Age: Lost without you
             Hobby: draw your eyes
             The end: I love you

• Oh, the first heart of his love .. and the last heart I love him .. Oh the cleanest face in the world .. And the best thing that my eyes saw ..... goat craving .. nostalgia love .. love life .. life is heart .. heart is you.

• It is not hidden from you, he who loves you is pure gold. If he orders my soul, you see what is sufficient for you

• I missed you ... She made me crazy ... I thanked me ..... The important thing ... You taught me ..... I love you more than you love me ...