The most beautiful quiet music


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slow music

  • It is the music that plays rhythms with a relatively slow rhythm.
  • It is loud and dancing music, and does not require fast movement.
  • It is romantic and emotional music, or that leads her listener to total relaxation, getting rid of fatigue and physical and intellectual fatigue.
  • It is the music that removes tension, cramping and excitement inside the human being, and as such it relaxes the nerves as is common to most people.
  • It is preferable that people hear it either in the early morning, or after a tiring workday.
  • It is romantic music that generally touches and influences feelings of love, touches the heart.
  • It is the music played by several instruments, such as violin, nai and piano.

Quiet world symphonies

  • The Pelican Lake Symphony, as most of its passages are very calm.
  • The Carmen Symphony is by Georges Beziers; most contain quiet music.
  • My darling, which is a popular performance for most Arab, Western, Asian and American peoples.

Quiet music for Arabs

Fayrouz was known for her beautiful songs and her quiet music, among them are:
  • In a world of coffee.
  • I loved you in the summer.
  • Shady.
  • Yara.
  • The story began under the winter.
  • Lore, your love has amazed.
  • I am for my love and my love for me.
  • He replied to my country.

The Nightingale artist Al-Asmar Abdel Halim Hafez was also known for his songs that contain calm and beautiful music, and among these songs are: (I love you and I are for you along), and the song (Dai Al-Qanadil); it is composed by Muhammad Abdel Wahab and distributed by the Rahbani brothers. In addition to Najat Al-Saghira, there are some songs that contain calm and romantic music as the song (How much I love you, Amal). Shadia sang a beautiful and quiet piece through her song (I am my soul, I am), and the song (Above, my heart is above).

Quiet world music

  • The music of the songs of the famous Spanish singer (Julio Iglesias).
  • The music of the giant Greek singer (Demis Roussos) in most of his songs.
  • Music of the two creative Russian singers (Ala Bagashcheva) and (Rakhmonov).
  • Music of French Songs (Mounamore).
  • Music of the Iranian singer (Kokosh) in her song (From or Not Boy Boy).


  • Quiet music is the first choice that many resort to in order to reduce their stress and fly flying over the clouds, and to be more balanced and harmonious with those around them, free from negative thoughts that affect the course of their lives.
  • Quiet music is played with violins, flute and piano.
  • Music is played at relatively slow rhythms.
  • There are many peaceful symphonies around the world.
  • Most of Fayrouz's songs are filled with soft music that relaxes the nerves.
  • Abdel Halim Hafez was known for his songs that contain calm and expressive music.
  • Najat Al Saghira is known for her wonderful music composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab.