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Landing on the moon

The human dream from ancient times is landing on the surface of the moon , where many fictional and scientific fictional and scientific productions have been issued that show how this dream can be achieved, and explains the launch of man to space and land on the moon, but surprisingly, these dreams and perceptions were referred to be true in the middle of the twentieth century Where man has already set out for space and managed to land on the moon and bring something of its soil to Earth.

The long and tiring series of experiments and tests conducted by researchers and scientists about missiles and spacecraft and the launch of satellites helped man land on the moon , which enriched the experience of scientists and researchers and made them able to carry astronauts to the moon and secure their lives and their return to Earth safely without launching satellites and spacecraft to other planets In the fifties of the twentieth century. [1]

It is worth noting that the first man-made spacecraft to reach the surface of the moon is the Luna 2 spacecraft belonging to the Soviet Union on September 13, 1959 AD. [2]

Armstrong was the first astronaut to land on the moon

Neil Armstrong, born on August 5, 1930, is the first person to walk on the moon. Armstrong served as a pilot from 1949 to 1952, after which he joined the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics NACA, and he held more than one position after that, as he was an engineer , test pilot, and astronaut . [3]

His trips to space

In 1966 Armstrong led the Jimini 8 spacecraft on his first spacecraft, where he was the first human being to dock two spacecraft in space, and he did so with the help of David Scott, and he also made his second flight in 1969 AD, where he led the crew of the Apollo 11 flight, the flight that It landed on the moon, making it the first person to walk on the moon. [4]

This historic flight began on July 16, 1969, when the Saturn-5 missile, which was 86 meters long, was launched from the Cape Kennedy base in the state of Florida , where the Apollo 11 spacecraft was loaded on it, with 3 astronauts on board. Armstrong (Neil Armstrong), Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins, and when the Apollo 11 spacecraft landed on the moon on July 20, it was: Neil Armstrong, and Edwin Aldrin, where the astronaut remained Michael Collins is in the main craft to be a means of communication between the astronauts who landed and the main base on Earth.

At 21:17 GMT on July 20, the vehicle carrying both Armstrong and Aldrin landed safely on the moon, and at 3:40 GMT on July 21, residents of the world watched the human dream come true on television, where Armstrong advanced He walked steps on the surface of the moon , after which he said an immortal saying that he made in a live and direct broadcast to all the inhabitants of the earth: "It is a small step for a human being, but it is a great leap for mankind." [1] [5]

It is important to mention that, when Armstrong said the immortal sayings, the Radio Voice of America broadcasts directly through the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and many other radio stations around the world, and an estimated number of listened to her at the time of about 450 million people [5] , this A huge number when compared to the total world population at the time, when it was estimated at about 3.631 billion people. [6]

20 minutes after Armstrong's first step, Aldrin got off the craft and joined his colleague to become the second human to land on the moon, and the duo began to discover the surface of the moon and the extent of the possibility of human coexistence with him after they installed the American flag on it to be the first flag of a country to be installed on the moon. [7]

Armstrong and Aldrin left behind at the location of the spacecraft's landing on the moon: "For the first time, humans came from the globe to the moon in this place. In July 1969 AD, we came for peace in the name of all humankind", [8] and after A short time after they installed the American flag, Richard Nixon spoke to them at the time. By phone, he said: “All the people of mankind are proud of your success. Thank you very much.” When the president ended the call he said he wished he would not receive a bill that required He paid for his phone call to the moon. [8]

US President's speech about his second trip to space

It is worth noting that when the American Mission sent its astronauts to space, it was not certain that they would return to Earth. So former US President Richard Nixon gave a content speech discussing the idea "in the event of a disaster on the moon." Nixon said in his speech: "These two brave men Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin knew that there was no hope for them to return, but they also knew that there was hope for humanity behind the sacrifice of both of them. Their countries will be sad, and the A world upon them, the land that showed a challenge and sent two of its sons to the unknown will want from their journey to push the peoples of the world to feel that they are one entity, through their sacrifice, they affirmed the brotherhood of man. "

The American President continued his statement until he reviewed the situation that the inhabitants of the earth were in the past, and the situation that humanity reached with the rise of the pioneers of America to space. He said: “People in the past looked at the stars and saw their heroes in their zodiac sign, and in modern times we do something similar, but our heroes Epic flesh and blood. "

He concluded his speech by saying: "Others will follow this path, surely they will find their way, people will not be disappointed, but they are pioneers, and they will remain seated on the throne of our hearts. Everyone who looks at the moon at night will know that there is an aspect of another world that is always humanity." [9]

He returned from his second trip to Earth

After the astronauts finished their mission, the spacecraft sped off to them as it landed in the Columbia spacecraft , and the three returned to Earth after they reached the Pacific Ocean , to take them to the USS Hornet aircraft carrier. Hornet). [10]

His fame

Armstrong was one of the most famous astronauts in all of history, but he nonetheless refrained from appearing and remained out of people's eyes, [11] but he was in the eyes of his family and the whole world a hero despite everything he did to avoid hearing that, as he was not comfortable with fame or lights. And he stopped writing his signature to the public when he arrived that it is being sold in huge amounts, and he was honored in his country the United States of America and in 17 other countries. [12]

He died

American astronaut Neil Armstrong died on August 25, 2012, at the age of 82, after an operation he performed during the same month to remove the blockage of the coronary arteries . [13] US President Barack Obama extended a tribute to the spirit of the most famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong, when he heard the news of his death, and confirmed that his achievement will keep him from among the greatest Americans, and that his accomplishment will never be erased from their memory, as he said in a statement published by the agency "AP" “Neil was one of the great American heroes, not only in our time, but in all ages.” He continued, “ When he took off with his crew on board (Apollo 11) in 1969, he carried with him the aspirations of an entire nation.” It is reported that Obama was then a child of eight. His age. [14] [11]