The prayer of istikhaarah prayer


  • 1 supplication underrated
  • 2 Definition of Istikhara
  • 3 things that the Muslim underestimates
  • 4 How to pray Istikharah
  • 5 istikhaarah in marriage
  • 6 signs of istikhaarah prayer response
  • 7 Benefit of Istikharah prayer
  • 8 prophetic hadiths and Quranic verses on trust
  • 9 References

Doaa istikhaarah

He said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (if they are any one thing , let him pray two rak'ahs of non - obligatory prayer, then say: Oh God , I Ostejerk your knowledge and in all things, and I ask you please , you are estimated not appreciate and learn I do not know, you are unseen, Oh God , the you know this The matter - and then you name it with his own eyes - better for me in the matter of my matter and for the sake of it - he said: Or in my religion and my pension and the consequence of my matter - so do it for me and make it easy for me, then for me, then for me, then for me كُ You knew that it was evil for me in my religion and my pension and the consequence of my matter - or he said: “In the matter of my order and its sake - disassociate me from it, and be able to give it to me.” [1]

Definition of Istikhara

In language, it is to seek help or sympathy, [2] and as a term it is to ask God to grant us good and righteousness in something that we desperately want in matters of life and religion, whether it is work, marriage, or taking any new act, so the person should make two rak'ahs other than the obligatory Then God calls the supplication of istikhaarah, then he strives, so if his need is good, God will facilitate it, and if it is not distracted from it and distracted from it, it is considered Sunnah from the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, which it is desirable to do in one's affairs. [3]

The things that a Muslim underestimates

Istikhara aims to seek help from God for guidance and the choice between doing or leaving the matter. The Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was recommending his companions in all matters, no matter how small I said to Jabir bin Abdullah, may God be pleased with him: (The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, taught us the best of all things. As the Surah is from the Qur’an), [4] and istikhaarah is permissible in matters of the permissible world, such as marriage, work, travel, partnership and others, and it is not in the legal rulings set forth in the Qur’an and Sunnah, or in which scholars endeavored and strengthened them based on similar legal provisions, so there is no certainty And for a Muslim, God made a prayer for fasting, or fasting, but in matters that do not know what the consequences were. [5]

How to pray istikhaarah

The following is a simple explanation of how to perform Istikharah prayer : [6]
  • Ablution: It is not permissible to perform any prayer without ablution, whether sunnah or fard.
  • Intention: The intention here is not meant to utter the intention, but rather its location is the heart, so the Muslim’s prayer prayer when he intends to perform the Istikharah prayer is sufficient to define the purpose of this prayer, and there is no need to pronounce it and express it publicly.
  • The prayer of two rak'ahs without the obligatory prayer: The Muslim should perform two rak'ahs voluntarily, as long as they are not among the five assumptions, and he recites Surah Al - Fatihah followed by a small surah, and it is Sunnah to recite Surah al-Kafirun after Al-Fatihah in the first rak'ah, and sincerity in the second rak'ah.
  • Submission is the last prayer, as happens in any normal prayer.
  • Raising the hands to pray for the matter that occupies the mind of the indigent, and asking God Almighty to complete the matter if there is good, and to spend it if there is evil, and it is desirable to start supplication with praise and praise on God Almighty, then praying on the Prophet by saying the Abrahamic prayer, then reading the supplication Istikhara with naming something, then praying on the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and ending the supplication.
  • Confidence in God’s answer and complete trust in Him.

Underrated in marriage

God Almighty has legalized marriage because of the psychological, social, and moral stability of the Muslim and the Muslim woman. Inclined to one thing, and to consult others with knowledge and knowledge when seeking his step, and delegate the matter to God Almighty to appreciate the good for him, and delegating the matter to God does not make one anxious if God does not appreciate the matter to him, but he knows that everything that God writes to the servant is good if he wills Allah. [7]

Signs of istikhaarah prayer response

It was not stated in the Sunnah or from the righteous predecessor that the vision or the exploration of Sadr are signs of the response to the prayer of Istikharah, but it is true that if a person is concerned with the matter of consulting someone who trusts their religion, their knowledge and their wisdom, and asks about the same thing and its details, and after taking all the reasons he seeks to seek the advice of God Almighty He relied completely on him, neutralizing himself and her amateurs, then he takes care of the matter, so if God facilitates it and completes it, it is good, and if it is not available, it is also good, because he said, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: (What happened to you would not have made you mistake, and what would have done you wrong would not have affected you). [8] [7]

The benefit of Istikhara prayer

In addition to the fact that a Muslim is certain of the best choice for one thing and not another, there are many benefits of Istikharah prayer that accrue to a Muslim, the most important of which are: [9]
  • Istikhara denotes the perpetual need of a Muslim for God Almighty because he does not have the benefit or harm of himself without his Almighty will, as he is a weak helpless in front of his Creator, and this is clearly shown in a part of the supplication: (You are able to, and may not be able to, and know not knowing). [1]
  • It is mustahabb to train oneself and get them used to being used in all matters, so that it becomes a habit and not a heavy matter for the soul, as it is a method that strengthens the relationship of the individual to his Lord, so he uses it in all the different matters of his life.
  • It always educates a Muslim to trust in God Almighty in all matters, because it is an invitation to delegate the matter to God and accept the results of their differences or their compatibility with his whims, and through him he delegates the entire matter to God.
  • Inherited istikhaarah tranquility in the heart of the believer, knowing that what will happen then is good for him, do not be prey to the concerns that troubled him, as it removes the disorder , which may feel a Muslim when embarking on a new order, which is evident in the supplication: (and I really appreciate my goodness , where he was then Rdhana with it). [1]
  • The servant's love for his Lord increases when he trusts, believes, accepts, and accepts what God has chosen for him.
  • Istikharah prayer indicates the importance of prayer in the life of a Muslim individual. Whenever he was terrified of an issue of his life, he resorted to communication with God through his devoted prayers.
  • Istikhara educates a Muslim to foster faith in the judiciary and destiny, as his belief that what will happen will be good for him strengthens faith in the amount of good and bad, as it is a link between the reasons that a Muslim takes and the results obtained in return.
  • The supplication shows three places of good:
    • So appreciate him: That is, everything that will happen to a Muslim is good for him, even if he does not like him at first.
    • And he facilitated it for me: Because goodness may be difficult and it takes time and effort to obtain it, and thus the Muslim is asking for facilitation from God.
    • Bless me in it: If blessing does not take place, it does not get benefit, because blessing is closely related to good.
  • Istikharah is considered a secured door to gather the good deeds of supplication and prayer, in addition to the merit of leaving matters in the hands of God to judge them, and it is one of the high degrees of faith that shows that a Muslim trusts only in God Almighty while taking it with the appropriate reasons, which is a matter of trust and good belief in God.

Prophetic sayings and Quranic verses about trust

In a place like the place of Istikharah and in the whole matter, trust is one of the most important things a Muslim needs, and here are some supplications from the Sunnah and hadiths and Quranic verses about trust:
  • (If you trust in God the right that you entrust to your livelihood, as the bird is blessed, you will become a lion and you will leave a blanket). [10]
  • (Of those seventy thousand who enter heaven without reckoning, they are the ones who do not lean, do not steal, nor fly, and their Lord trusts). [11]
  • The Messenger of Allah be upon him , said him: (O So if you go to bed , say: Oh God , converted to Islam myself to you, and directed me to you, and authorized my order to you, and the GATT my back to you, desire and awe you, not a refuge and Manja from you only to you, believe in your book , which was revealed, and Npik The one who sent you, for if you die in your night, you will die on break, and if you become, you will be rewarded.) [12]
  • The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “He who means if he goes out of his house: In the name of God, I relied on God, there is no power and power except with God, and he is told: Satisfied, protected, and Satan removed.” [13]
  • (Oh God , you praise, you are the Lord of the heavens and the earth, you praise you heavens values and earth , and in them, you praise You are the light of the heavens and the earth, you say right, Uadk right, and meeting your right, paradise right, right shot, and am right, God you converted to Islam, and hast believed And upon you I trusted, and to you I grew up, and with you I quarreled, and to you I ruled, so forgive me for what I offered and what I delayed, and I am pleased, and I am pleased, and I am not [14]
  • God Almighty said: (And whoever relies on God, it is according to him that God exaggerated his command, and He made God to do everything. [15]
  • God Almighty said: (If you intend to do trust in God, God loves those who trust). [16]
  • God Almighty said: (Recite to them the news of Noah when he said to his people : O my people ! If large you mausoleums and reminding me of the revelations of Allah For God commanded you trust Vojmawa and your partners then do not you Gmh then commanded you to judge nor do you see). [17]
  • God Almighty said: (Moses said : O people! If you believe in God, then you will trust in Him. If you are Muslim, then they say to God: We trust in our Lord, and do not make us lie.) [18]
  • God Almighty said: (people who told them that the people have gathered you Fajcohm Vzadehm belief and said God and yes agent, Vangbawa the grace of God and preferred not Amsshm ill and followed the pleasure of Allah and Allah is great virtue). [19]
  • God Almighty said: “Rather the believers who, when God is mentioned, their hearts are revered, and if His signs are recited to them, their faith increases, and their Lord declines.” [20]
  • God Almighty said: (If they turn, then say, God is not God, but He is upon Him, I trust, and He is the Lord of the Great Throne). [21]
  • God Almighty said: (Moses said : O people, if you believe in God, then you must trust. If you are Muslim, then they say to God, trust in our Lord, do not make us forget). [22]
  • God Almighty said: (I trust in God, my Lord, and your Lord, what is done, but He is taking its will on her will, because my Lord is on a straight path). [23]
  • God Almighty said: (And to God belongs the absence of the heavens and the earth, and to Him all things are due to Him, so worship Him and trust in Him, and your Lord will be negligent for what you do). [24]
  • God Almighty said: (And he said : My son, do not enter through one door and enter from separate doors, and do not enrich you from God from anything, for the rule is only to God and to God.) [25]
  • God Almighty said: (she told them messengers that we are only human beings like you, but God bless the wills of His slaves and what we had to Notekm authority except with the permission of God , and God Fletokl believers, and what we do not trust in God has guided us our ways and Nsbern what Avetamona and God Let those who trust in trust. [26]