This is the last words of love and affection

You who lived for her life and love have planted it in my conscience and started singing my best songs and planted in your heart the sincerity of my affection and I wrote about you in the torment of my writings, there is no place for selfish love with love I write my most beautiful stories so I write as if I am always a lover in my imagination so whoever always remains in my imagination do not be absent from my eyes even for seconds seconds honesty and love They are for my mind. My decorations, frankness, and honesty are my address. If I love, I love until I die.

Peace be upon you ..
You are the first lover
And you are the last lover
I don't think you will be absent
My eyes after you sleep.
Tell me when I get to you
And he snapped between your hands
My soul is asking you
My eyes send peace

you are my only love
And you are the blood of a vein
You are my happy dream
And you caught the conclusion

How can I repent, and the heart is yours, own it .. Repentance for all sins and guilt of your love, and I will not leave it
May I say to the flower before its leaves include .. Good night, sweeter, sweetest and thinner creature

Name: Majnoon .. Age: You are my life ... Hobby: I love you .. End: I love you

They said the moon .. I said loud .. They said gold .. I said dear .. They said my love .. I said Dom in Bali

Show me a heart..who loves what he betrays..and an see one..mb million

Snow is a winter gift, sun is a summer gift, and flowers are a spring gift

Oh God, I love your servant this sincere love in you .. so gather me and him in Riyadh Al-Jinan