Words are not the most amazing

There are .. many expressions that call for silence, smile, smile, the title of kindness and good taste, so make it a lie for you, smile when shaking hands .... and meet ... farewell, pride, do not boast about your beauty, your money, or your origin. You are not a maker of something from this pain if you feel pain For any reason, I work in silence to remove its causes and do not sit all the time in a complaint from him. Testimony. Do not be proud of the testimonies you hold. The testimony is not always evidence of broad culture ... but the evidence of your culture is ... your words and your behavior. Taste Do not knock your fingers between people and do not wet your fingers with your toys when you want to turn the pages of a book or newspaper. <<</19 More people settle the sound The best of the middle things even in your speech ... then your voice is not loud or disturbing nor quiet does not hear the high says Tagour ((Ndno) From greatness as far as we come close to humility)) <<<< I believed God and I always ask for high and high ....
The smile is a good word without letters

Silence is sometimes a noise that grinds the bones of silence

Make fun of all the wounds did not know of the pain
Take wisdom and do not harm you from any bowl you came out with
Reality surfaces with the slips of the tongue
People mentioned disease and God mentioned healing
One may forget distress, but one does not forget distress
We may get angry sometimes and say: So and so was wrong to act, but did we not think once that it might be correct but in the wrong way?
I learned that in school or university we learn lessons and then face exams, either 
In life we ​​face exams and then learn lessons from them
What is the value of this mortal world of deceit in exchange for eternal torment ?!
People may see the wound on your head, but they do not feel the pain you are experiencing
The dictionary of success does not contain the words "if" and "but"

If life was a rose, everyone would have succeeded in breathing its nectar
Do not imagine all people as angels, your dreams will collapse and you will not blind your trust in them, because you will cry over your naivety
Childhood is a period of life in which a person lives at the expense of others
A piece of bread is not an important thing, but it is nevertheless worth everything for a starving homeless
How beautiful is a person crying with a smile on his lips, and laughing with a tear in his eyes
Do not like the top of the mountain you see people young and people see small
You shouldn't say everything you know, but you must know everything you say
Do not spit in the well; you might drink from it one day
It is not titles that win glory ... Rather, it is people who win titles glory
When the apple fell, everyone said they fell the apple, but one .. He said why did you fall ??
It is not difficult to sacrifice for a friend .. but it is difficult to find a friend who is worth the sacrifice!