Words of thoughts

Beautiful thoughts

We mention in you in this article some beautiful thoughts that were said about longing, love and reproach.

  • How difficult are those nights that I try to reach you, I reach your arteries, your heart, how hard are those nights, how difficult are those moments when I search your chest to hold my head.

  • My love longing for you kills me, always you are in my thoughts, and in my day and night, your image is engraved between my eyelids, and it is the light of my eyes, your eyes call out to my eyes, your hands embrace my hands, your whispers blows my ears.

  • My beloved, is it possible for the distances to separate us and gather us with groans, whoever possesses my heart and joy, my love and my world, my beloved when I sleep dreaming that I see you in reality, and when I wake up I hope to see you again in my dreams.

  • When I start writing, I find myself, and I find myself, I find myself uttering the subjugated letters that refuse to be hidden between the lines, sometimes I find tears flowing on my wet paper, my letters remain self-shy, who want to be freed but they refuse, and sometimes when I write I forget that I have alphabets And standards that I should not overlook, but when I write about my love, I find it embodied with weak meanings between the lines, because I find my love inside me flowing with all sensitivity.

  • When I dedicate my love to my letters, I find it does not give meaning that expresses my emotion, because the one who is in my emotion is much more. He confused and begins my suffering, and the chapters of my confession begin with my paper that I may tear apart after that, because it may show my weakness points, but then I feel comfortable, and that I found myself lost. I see, I can dedicate my letters to you, whoever loves you the heart, to you whoever your eyes contain, to you, who I live for, to you, whoever you are chasing after me, to you, whoever sees your image everywhere, in my books, in my dreams, in my awakening, to you, who My being trembles when I see it from the intensity of my longing, when I mention your name this is the least I can express because your love increases in My every moment, and you are the best thing happened to me in my life.

  • Oh, hesitating deep inside me expressing my sadness and torment, my soul says before me, my mind speaks before my tongue, I feel it resoundingly penetrating inside my corners, oh utter a tremor that shakes all my emotions, oh I do not know whether it hit me with my longing, my love, or my sorrows.

  • I adore you, and I fear that one day you forget my address, I fear that you will desert my shores, leave me alone with my sorrows, free me from me and forget me, oh, you make me in the trance of my love drunk, take me to the world of your love, make me in love and humiliation, my love, that my groans will not suffice me, tears will not suffice me, not knowing My heart is tired of sadness, and my eyes have shrieked with tears, my love, I adore you, I love you, do you hear me? Does your heart feel groaning?

  • I am tormented in love, sadness in my heart and valleys in which my tears thinner, suffocating any human being, no mind with eyes crying in all hours of days, pouring down like tears of rain from the volcanoes of sorrows, no worries about preventing all the smiles of colors, strut inside my emotional, prevent me from all tenderness, Make me a princess of my sorrows, make me a human remains.

  • My love, I lived my years, bearing my longing and longing, suffering in silence, which was repeatedly heard in my dresses.

  • I had been in love as a princess, the ecstasy took me to your eyes, made me in love a prisoner, for my tears and my longings for you.

  • Oh, you make me write thousands of poems every day, make me take my days, and grieve the sorrow of the trees, make me cry and my tears fill all rivers.

  • I yearn for my whole being for a day that reminds me of my deprivation. You bring me longing and your eyes play all my tunes.