Writing standards


  • 1 Writing
  • The concept of writing
  • 3 The origins of writing
  • 4 before writing begins
  • 5 Criteria for Successful Writing
    • 5.1 Choosing a topic
    • 5.2 Unity and cohesion
    • 5.3 Selection of terms
    • 5.4 Literary style
    • 5.5 Objectivity
    • 5.6 Accuracy
  • 6 Documentation
    • 6.1 The importance of documentation
    • 6.2 Documentation rules
    • 6.3 Documentation methods
  • 7 References


Man seeks to obtain culture in all fields, through books, newspapers, magazines and websites. The reader expects to find articles that he trusts the information presented, he enjoys writing it and is easy to understand. To achieve this, the author follows some criteria that help him write a successful essay that benefits others.

The concept of writing

Writing defines it as a system created by man to create a way to communicate in a visual way. [1] Literature is a form of human expression that expresses all of its emotions and thoughts. [2] If the writing is in the form of an article then it is defined as a structural piece of moderate length that revolves around a specific subject or a specific part of it, and it may be written in a style of brevity or elaboration within a specific subject area. [3]

The genesis of writing

Writing began in Mesopotamia , as the Sumerians developed a writing system using the chisel on slabs of mud-milk, called cuneiform. The alphabet appeared at the hands of the Phoenicians in 1100 BC. The ancient Egyptians used to write hieroglyphs on papyrus. In the Far East, the Chinese invented a pictorial writing system using simplified images of people, objects, and animals. [4]
As for literary writing, it started before the sixteenth century, as it was at its beginning random and not subject to laws and rules. Then the article developed by the French writer Michel de Montaigne, who started writing in 1571. Montaigne began writing influenced by the literature he read, but he rose to the modern literature of the article in 1574 after he isolated himself from others and lived contemplating the conditions of society and man. [3]

Before writing

Writing at the beginning may be a difficult task, so there are some methods that may help before starting writing, including: [5]
  • Speaking: Talking to friends, family, and experts on the topic you intend to write on will help you to edit ideas that you find difficult to express. Talking to others about a variety of areas can help find a topic that interests you and inspires you to write about it. The conversation also enriches ideas, and you may benefit from the notes or information that others speak.
  • Free writing: It is the writing in which you do not stop to contemplate what you write. When you put everything you think on paper, without restrictions such as adhering to one idea, or adhering to a distinctive style of writing, it causes you to find more ideas and choose from what inspires you.
  • Brainstorming: This method is similar to free writing, and differs from it in that it does not include sentences or paragraphs, but rather produces key words for ideas and topics.

Successful writing standards

Writing the article requires following some standards that raise the cultural content and style. These standards help the writer to know the main things he must follow to write a successful essay, namely:

Choose a topic

One of the most important things when writing is choosing the main topic, as it is the pivotal idea that all paragraphs are built upon, and in it it attracts the reader to see the topic. When choosing a topic, it should be a topic of interest to the community, and the author must have a clear picture of the subjects, the information he wants to present and analyze.

Unity and cohesion

The writer must improve the choice of paragraphs, and pay attention to their unity and harmony together. And that all paragraphs be linked to the main idea of ​​the topic. The author must also rely on the principle of objective sequence in order for the mind to understand information better. [6]

The choice of words

The correct choice of words and phrases in writing is pivotal, because the choice of words that serve the subject makes it more accurate and appropriate to the main idea. Also, the diversity in sentences keeps the reader consistent and does not make him bored. [6]

Literary style

The reader attracts the literary style masterfully, so the wording of the sentences is beautiful, and the words and phrases are harmonious together to give a beautiful verbal rhythm to the text. It is also desirable that the general atmosphere of the text be vital, and it carries a kind of enthusiasm and sobriety. [6]


Writing is an objective language, and it is neither emotional nor personal. Writing, if it is not an expression, is the marketing of information and expert sentences, free of personal opinions and judgments. [7]


The writing must be accurate and correct. The writing presents theories, facts, attitudes and quotations, the author must present it in an honest and complete manner. [7]


The writer resort to the use of various sources, including books, magazines, newspapers, websites, university research and others. Sources enrich the subject, and show what the writer has the idea of ​​the idea presented. The topic, which is documented with references and sources, is more reliable for readers. Documentation is one of the important criteria that must be met and accompanied by what the author writes. The Arab Library also has many rich references that need to be used for different writing purposes.

The importance of documentation

The documentation gives the reader confidence in the writer's information on his topic, and helps other researchers interested in the same topic find sources for their research. It clarifies the various sources that are interested and published on that topic, making it easier to access sources of information. Because books, articles and other sources take effort and time from their owner, it is the duty of the beneficiary writer to preserve the authors' rights by mentioning them and documenting their works. [8]

Authentication rules

Documentation follows a set of rules to make it more clear, including: [9]
  • The references are listed alone on a new page.
  • Arab references are separated from foreign women.
  • Quranic verses and hadiths are not included with the references, they are mentioned only in the text.
  • The reference should contain all basic information: the name of the author , the book, the source of the publication, the date of publication, and the page number.

Documentation methods

There is more than one way to document the references used in writing, including: [8]
  • Harvard Method: It is the method of the American Psychological Association, so it depends on writing the name of the author or authors, followed by the year of publication, then the name of the research , the article, or the book, then the name of the publishing house, the magazine, the newspaper, the publisher site, and finally the number of pages taken Including information.
  • Biomedical method: With a slight difference between it and the Harvard method, first write the name of the author or authors, then the title of the source, then the name of the journal, or the newspaper , or the publishing house, or the publishing site if it is online, ending with the year and page number.