5 things to set your child's hour of sleep

Many children get tired of their mothers during the night by staying up late, especially babies, so we will talk in this article about some steps that the mother must follow to make her baby sleep quietly.

An infant needs adequate sleep hours and good food until his body is fully developed. This is easily accomplished during the day, as it is possible for a child to sleep for several hours, then wake up to food, play a little, and return to sleep. But during the night, the situation gets worse because he never sleeps, and it is possible that he will continue to cry for a long and late period of the night.

The mother can determine whether her child is active or not by moving it inside her womb while she is pregnant with it; if it is too much movement it will be so after birth. What are the solutions that help a woman to organize her child's sleep during the night.

Steps to set your child's sleep hour

  • Wake your child in a normal time from early morning, and do not make him sleep more to make up for what he slept at night, or to make up for you sleep, because you will pay for this sleep the next night.
  • Give your child a morning bath, and change his clothes to get out of his sleepwear.
  • Play with your child as much as you can during the day, bring him toys, and open the windows of his room, even if he sleeps, do not leave him for a long time but wake him up to rest at night.
  • Open your child's room curtains, and make your usual noise, such as talking on the phone, the sound of a washing machine, or a dishwasher, so that your child's sleep becomes light and feels around and wakes up quickly.
  • Don't play with your child at night, keep his room dark, and try to be calm, and to talk and move slowly and bored in order to keep calm.
  • It is okay to change the routine, give your child some massages and massages, read a bedtime story and wear pajamas.
  • Do not despair of following what has been mentioned, as this process may take a few days with the use of the stick sometimes, after which your child will know that the day is for fun, playing and talking with parents, and that the night is for rest and sleep.