A natural recipe for fattening the face


  • 1 natural recipe for fattening the face
    • 1.1 oatmeal mixture
    • 1.2 yeast mixture
    • 1.3 Rose water mixture
    • 1.4 Mix oils
    • 1.5 Mix the apples
    • 1.6 Mix the milk and fenugreek
    • 1.7 Rub the sugar and shea butter
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A natural recipe for fattening the face

Most women suffer from the thinnest face and try hard to get the prominent cheeks and the face is full but in a needle way, so I will tell you today with natural recipes that help fatten the face.

Oatmeal mixture

  • Mix in a bowl of a quarter cup of milk with a teaspoon of Arabic yeast and two tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Then add two tablespoons of oatmeal and one tablespoon of starch.
  • Grease the mixture on your cheeks in a circular way and leave for 30 minutes, then wash it with warm water, and repeat this process daily for a month and you will get the desired result.

Yeast mixture

  • Mix two tablespoons of the fenugreek with the glass of water and boil the mixture over the heat for 15 minutes, then leave it to cool and put it in a carton and put in the fridge for a whole day.
  • After this period, mix one tablespoon of liquid with a spoonful of yeast and mix well. Apply it on your face for 15 minutes, then wash it with warm water.

Rose water mixture

  • Pour in a bowl of half a cup of rose water and add the same amount of milk to it.
  • Mix well, adding four tablespoons of ground rinse.
  • Apply the mixture to your face for 45 minutes, then wash with cold water.

Mix the oils

  • Mix equal parts of fenugreek and castor oil and apply them to your face every night before bed and wash your face with cold water the next morning.
  • You can also use amber oil, almond oil and corn oil in parallel amounts and apply the mixture on your face for a quarter of an hour daily while applying hot towels to the face three times a day.

Apple mixture

  • Mash the apple fruit, put the mixture on your skin for half an hour, then wash your face with cold water, repeat this process daily.

Mix the milk and fenugreek

  • Mix half a cup of milk, three tablespoons of fenugreek, and a quarter cup of rose water, mix the mixture and put it on your face for half an hour then wash it with cold water, and repeat the mixture daily.

Rub the sugar and shea butter

(shea butter): Mix 250 grams of shea butter and half a cup of granulated sugar, stir the mixture and then put it in the refrigerator until it becomes a solid. Apply the mask on the cheeks for a short period of no more than ten minutes, then rub the cheeks in a circular way, then rinse the face with warm water.

  • Practicing yoga.
  • Disc cheeks.
  • Moisturizing cheeks.
  • The use of aloe vera.
  • Use a glycerin mixture and rose water.
  • Eat honey and use it as an ointment.
  • Stay away from smoking.
  • Remove make-up before bed.