An article on how to maintain my health


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  • 2 ways to maintain human health
    • 2.1 Maintaining physical health
    • 2.2 Maintaining mental health

the health

Health is the most important human capital, without which he will not be able to lead his life normally, carry out his duties, enjoy his days and times, as well as achieve the success he desires to achieve.

Many calls have arisen to take care of health aspects, especially in the modern era, as these calls came as a natural reaction to wrong habits that contribute in one way or another to the high rates of diseases of all kinds, in light of the high costs of treatment for some diseases, except for the great problems that cause The deterioration of the health level in humans. Below we highlight some of the ways that can contribute to preserving human health and leaving the least possible losses.

Methods of maintaining human health

Maintaining physical health

  • Practicing sport activities that protect a person from many health risks that may threaten his life and put him at risk of death.
  • Avoidance of unhelpful food, which may bring different diseases to humans, adhere to good foods, and eating these foods within balanced meals that contain all the nutrients that the body needs, and in this regard it can benefit from the advice of dietitians, doctors, and in this context it should be preserved To drink the right amounts of water on a daily basis.
  • Beware of chemical and carcinogenic substances, which some people may use a lot of, and replace them with natural materials as possible, to avoid the risks resulting from them.
  • Implement all steps that would maintain human security and safety before commencing any work, especially dangerous works.
  • Get enough sleep, rest, and stay away from staying up late, smoking, and using drugs and alcohol.
  • Avoid polluted areas, which may cause a person serious diseases, so that the danger of some of them reaches the life of man.

Maintain mental health

  • Paying attention to the spiritual aspects that provide the person with wonderful energy that is able to transform him into another person often.
  • Emptying thoughts, feelings, and concerns in the soul by talking to trusted people, such as the mother, father, and brotherhood, and asking for help from them in times of need. This can also be done by resorting to writing or persisting in writing daily notes.
  • Carrying out recreational activities permanently and continuously. The person needs from time to time a period in which to clear his mind and renew his activity.
  • Not to be shy about saying the word (no); it relieves the soul from heavy burdens that would overburden a person, and cause him a great deal of pressure.
  • Move as far as possible from the pessimistic, and passive people who destroy the psychology of those around them.
  • Caring for the family, it is the first and last bastion of the human being, and the reason for his great happiness is the better consolidation of relations between him and its members.
  • Emptying from time to time, rearranging ideas and priorities, evaluating past stages that have been overlooked, and taking advantage of past mistakes, if any.
  • Avoiding pointless arguments, accepting others as they are, or seeking to change them to be completely identical to us, this is a form of imagination, and a pointless pursuit that brings misfortunes to man, especially among husbands.
  • Learn to forget and forgive, as they are one of the best ways to bring a person the psychological well-being, and to alleviate the burdens resulting from hatred, grudges, and pain of the past.