Attributes that attract men to women


  • 1 attractive women
  • 2 attributes that attract men to women
    • 2.1 Soft makeup
    • 2.2 Humility
    • 2.3 Dress elegance
    • 2.4 Intelligence
    • 2.5 Fun
    • 2.6 Beauty
    • 2.7 Respect
  • 3 other characteristics that attract men to women

Attractive woman

There is no specific measure of a woman's attractiveness, as some men consider that gravity resides with the beauty of appearance and appearance, while others consider that the beauty of the spirit and personality is the most important thing that attracts men to women, and in this article we will explain the most important attractive qualities in women, agreed upon by a large number of Men.  

Attributes that attract men to women

Fine makeup

The girl who puts cosmetic products exaggerated does not attract the attention of men at all, because they feel that they are artificial and unnatural, and aims to hide a specific defect that is in their features, the main goal of applying makeup is to highlight the features of the face, not to change or hide it.


The characteristic of humility for women is considered one of the most important characteristics that distinguishes it from others, so that she speaks with everyone as if she knew them for a long time, and thus be interesting and attractive to men.

Dress elegance

Dress elegance is one of the secrets of a man's attractiveness to a woman, if it is characterized by simplicity and arrangement, without clearly revealing her charms to those around her.


The woman’s intelligence is by speaking highly professional of all life matters, her ability to find quick solutions to various problems, and she also has a broad cultural background.


A serious woman who lacks fun and humor is considered an alienating woman to most men, as men are attracted to spontaneous, childish, fun-loving, and playful children at appropriate times.


What attracts the most attention of a woman to a woman is her beauty, especially the beauty of the face, and this means that it is free of pimples, pimples, and dark circles, as the wide eyes, prominent lips, and harmonious features are enough to make her attract all around her.


A man's attention attracts the respect of a woman who appears when interacting with others, whether it is in her social relationship in general, or her relationship with her co-workers.

Other qualities that attract men to women

  • Femininity: A female voice with a soft voice attracts a man to her and to what she speaks.
  • Spontaneity: The most attractive thing for a man is the spontaneous woman of good taste, not made-up.
  • High heels: Some studies have proven that wearing high-heeled shoes increases the attractiveness of women to men.
  • Self-confidence: A woman who trusts herself, and does not doubt her ability, increases a man's attraction to her.
  • Tact: a tactful woman in her words, and dealing with those around her, attracts a man and captures his heart.
  • Permanent smile: The woman who is always smiling has a distinctive appeal to a man, due to the happiness and optimism that she gives to those around her.