Basalt stone properties


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Basalt stone properties

Basalt stone has many physical properties, including: [1]
  • Basalt has a dark color gradient under black and gray.
  • Basalt is a hard rock, with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale .
  • It is a dense-grained copper rock .
  • It has a very high density, and this is because it contains 50% silica.
  • Basalt lava is formed at very high temperatures of 1200 ° C. [2]
  • Basalt is made of minerals with little resistance to atmospheric factors, which leads to its rapid disintegration compared to other volcanic rocks such as granite. [3]

Basalt stone

Basalt stone is one of the volcanic rocks distinguished by its dark color, as it is rich in iron and magnesium and a small percentage of silica. It consists of a mixture of small size grains and glass. It is also composed of oil-colored peridot crystals and feldspar crystals. Basalt stone has a strong structure, and this is due to the fact that the lava is spongy in nature, which allows the leakage of minerals such as calcite and chlorite to replace the cavities resulting from water vapor. [4] Basalt is the most common volcanic rock in the Earth's crust, accounting for the vast majority of the ocean floor. [5]

Uses of basalt stone

Basalt stone has been used since ancient times, as it was used in: [1]
  • The ancient Romans used it for paving roads.
  • Used to make seats in stands and stadiums.
  • It was used in mills, as it was used in the milling process.
  • It has been used in sanitation projects due to its permeability.
  • Basalt stone dust was used as fertilizer for cultivation to increase soil fertility .
  • It was used in insulation operations, especially because of its resistance to heat, as it is used in stoves.

Where to find basalt stone

Basalt stone is found in the United States, especially New Mexico, Montana and Arizona, and is also present in Germany, Italy, and North Africa, such as Libya. [4]