Beautiful phrases about life


  • 1 Life
  • 2 beautiful phrases about what we live in life
  • 3 This life taught me
  • 4 beautiful messages about life
  • 5 judgment and advice about life
  • 6 sayings about life
  • 7 words about happiness in life
  • 8 Thoughts on life


Life takes us in major and manifold ways, including what is full of hope and experiences that give us enthusiasm and strengthens the will to achieve our dreams, and among them it contains obstacles that motivate us to challenge the difficulties to overcome, so our strengths are strengthened, we are polite to ourselves, and we are accustomed to assume responsibility, it is life, which contains all What may surprise us, make us happy, or make us sad sometimes and then rejoice us.

Beautiful phrases about what we live in life

  • The sweetness of a person is not measured by the sweetness of the tongue. How many words of Lataf Hassan lie between the letters of the poison of the snake.
  • Do not leave a person dear to you because of a slip, or a defect in it, there is no perfect one other than God Almighty.
  • One of the human catastrophes is that they may wipe your entire beautiful history against your last attitude they disliked.
  • Decency is a concept that is not limited to clothes only. There is modest laugh, there is modest gait, there is modest behavior, and there is modest morality.
  • Good companionship is one that makes you live two lives, one here, and the other in heaven.
  • Some people that if you respect them will further abuse you, and rebel against you.
  • The wife not only needs alimony and housing, but she also needs a beautiful word , affectionate heart, and passion that fills her heart, and a mercy that she forgets her tiredness.
  • Damn everyone who tortured and betrayed, and underestimated the feelings of a human being, as if he did not know that the law of this universe is what you condemn.
  • Give forgiveness and forgiveness, make your hearts white, and remember one day we will not be in this life.
  • The tongue is a criminal imprisoned behind the teeth! If you released him when you were angry, Ramak was in a cell of remorse, under the rule of conscience!
  • Weight loss is the biggest example that some losses are profit.

This life taught me

  • Life has taught me that when one is hard on time, only then will he know what mercy is .
  • Life has taught me that love is the warmth of hearts, the tone that fans love in the strings of joy and the candle of existence, which are chains and restrictions, yet the elder needs him before the child, and love is not born, but penetrates the eyes like lightning flash!
  • Life has taught me that love is not to be close to the one you love, but love to trust that you are in the heart of the one you love.
  • Life taught me to make my heart a city, its homes of love, and its roads of tolerance. The most beautiful engineering in life is to build a bridge of hope over a sea of ​​despair.
  • Life taught us to tell ourselves before we sleep that we are not the only grief in this world, and not all people are happy as we think.
  • Life taught me that the world is a tear station, the most beautiful meeting, and the most difficult part, but the memory is the bond.
  • Our life is just daily memories, the event log, and our days, the memories are written, and unfortunately, the surgeon.
  • Life taught me that it is a tape and the memory is its content, the past is a page and the present is folded, and the separation is pain
  • Life taught me that a life led by your mind is much better than a life led by people’s words .
  • Life taught us to be optimistic. No matter how long your journey aboard the train of sorrows, it will one day stop at the station of happiness.
  • Life has taught me that it will not depend on people who let us down, for God always compensates us with those who are better.

Beautiful messages about life

The first message:
If you take a step back, do not despair.
And do not forget that the arrow needs,
To take it a step back and to move forward strongly.

The second message:
Who carry in them the spark of knowledge,
Longing to reject routine life,
They always draw life with its beautiful level,
Despite the fatigue they encounter.

The third message:
Who complain of lack of provision,
Lack of luck, bad life,
Their coffers are full and rich,
But they lost the keys to their treasures,
It is optimism , patience, and faith.

The fourth message:
Life is piano, there are white fingers and it is happiness,
And there are black fingers which are sadness,
But make sure you play the two
To give life a melody.

The fifth message:
The world is three days, yesterday: we lived it and it will not come back.
Today: We live it and it will not last,
Tomorrow: We don't know where we will be,
So forgive, forgive, and leave the creation to the Creator,
For I am and you and they are leaving
From the depths of your heart forgive those who offended you.

Judgment and advice about life

  • Whoever tries to hold the candle from its flame burns his hand.
  • My life that I live like the coffee that I drink, as often as the sweetness.
  • You may forget who shared the laughter, but you will never forget the person who shared the cry.
  • Life is full of stones, so do not stumble with it, but collect it, and build a ladder in it that leads it towards success .
  • Life continues, whether you laugh or cry, do not bear concerns that you will not benefit from.
  • If your ability calls you to wrong people, remember God’s power over you.
  • Those who misuse time are the first to complain about its shortcomings.
  • He who has forgotten himself lost, and who is patient in sheep.
  • The man's adornment is in his mind, his prestige in his wisdom, and his acumen in his wisdom, and his beauty in his thought.
  • It is found from the very reap.
  • Who understood knowledge, and who sought connect.
  • Virtue and wealth are two weights in the balance of the palm, one cannot rise without the other.
  • The greatest misfortunes of ignorance is that ignorant ignorant ignorance.
  • Speech quality in the abbreviation.
  • Follow your path with life, and do not stop if you encounter difficulty.
  • Take from the world a living that will benefit you in the Hereafter.
  • Treat others with the kindness of your heart and believe your feelings .
  • Accompanied by the fear of God and His Messenger, and improves the people.
  • See your flaws in other people's eyes, and try to fix them.
  • Be honest with yourself, to be true to others.

Expressive sayings of life

  • Life is nothing other than a person’s sense of life . Strip a person of the sense of his life that strips him of life itself in its true meaning.
  • The nation whose men know how to die is the worthy nation.
  • When we live only for ourselves, life seems to us short and insignificant, it starts from where we started consciousness, and ends with the end of our limited life, but when we live for others, that is, when we live for an idea, life appears long and deep, it starts from where humanity began, and it extends after our departure to the face of this earth .
  • You will learn many life lessons, if you notice that firefighters do not fight fire with fire.
  • Religion is the compass that helps a person to maintain his proper direction in this life, and prevents him from wandering on his face without a goal, which may expose him to falling into the clutches of evil.
  • Do not be surprised by the rise of the plain if the slope is bumpy.
  • Life is not the number of years, but the number of feelings, because life is nothing other than a person's sense of life.
  • We live a double life for ourselves when we live for others, and as much as we multiply our sense of others, we double our sense of our life, and we double this life itself at the end, and it is despite all that life, and we are required to live it as it is.
  • We were taught at school when we were young that the empty spike raised its head in the field, and that it was filled with wheat that lowered it, so it would not be humble except big, and it would not be arrogant except with despair.
  • Life is useless without prior death.
  • Life is a torch, either we burn it with fire, or we turn it off and we live in darkness.
  • Life has no value unless we find something in it to fight for.
  • When we don't know what life is, how do we know what death is.
  • Blessed is he who filled his life with charity, because he realized that it is too short to waste it with evil.
  • Life is a dream, death will wake us up.

Words about happiness in life

  • Freedom with pain is more generous than slavery with happiness .
  • Happiness is good health and bad memory.
  • People think that feeling happy is the result of success, but the opposite is true. Success is the result of feeling happy.
  • Many people have a wrong idea about happiness. It will not come about by fulfilling desires, but by sacrificing for a noble goal.
  • Happiness cannot be in money, power, or power. Rather, it is in (what do we do with money, power, and power).
  • There is no happiness for me more than the freedom of my homeland.
  • The past is only a dream, and the future is only a vision, and your present life with total love for God Almighty makes the past a dream of happiness, and the future is a vision of hope.
  • Ethics first, then knowledge and competence, is the key to happiness for individuals, governments, and the masses.
  • The whole world is a false dream: love, money, health, happiness and glory .. Nothing immortalizes that and does not remain. Sacrifice is the jewel of virility and it is the one that makes happiness among people.
  • Happiness is not in beauty, in wealth, in love, in strength, or in health ... Happiness in our reasonable use of all these things.
  • One of the first conditions for happiness is that the relationship between man and nature must not be broken.
  • Happiness and contentment are great beauty tools and deceptive tools to preserve the look of youth.
  • Happiness consists of three things: to do God’s command, to be content with what He has divided for you, and to be satisfied with what He decreed on you.
  • It is also rare to find happiness in a man surrounded by a miracle of technology more than the people who live in the desert of the bush and who are considered by the standards set by our society backward and unconnected.

Thoughts about life

I tell you something, my friend ; some disappointments are old, age, annihilating, as the passage of a century of passing disappointments !, you weighed me ... you know that my disappointment weighed me down ?, have you heard from someone that he grows up every day a year and every year as a century and a century and a century .. I grow up I am old I burdened you, and I have always loved you, so be closer to me and a soulmate as long as the fast of unity has intensified.