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No matter how old we are and no matter how much each of us has his own interests, there remains a strong interconnectedness that no one can separate, and cannot be overlooked, because it is one of the most beautiful relationships. Her mother’s advisor and house secrets are in her stone, so we will mention her some phrases here .

Beautiful talk about the sister

  • My best friend is my dear sister, I can tell her what is inside me without any shyness, and she is the only one who does not leave me nor separate her, friends may abandon us and leave us loved ones, and cut us apart and we cannot reveal to them what we face, but it is my precious who is the loyal friend to me , And beside me and do not give up on me.
  • My sister, you are the light that illuminates my life, and the source from which I give love and affection.
  • My sister is a heartbeat and sentimental; the pulse is flowing for her, and the soul has harmony, after which my wounds abound, and near her my grief away.
  • My sister is my soulmate.
  • My sister has a wonderful smile and innocent face.
  • The sister appeals to her sister for excuses and does not resort to her apologizing and does not lend her the guilt she did or the crime she committed.
  • My sister, if you request my life, I will give it to you. Mali and I are all king of yours.
  • I have a sister, if they replaced her with the good things of the earth as a whole, I do not change it. I have a sister, I forget and make me happy.
  • She is my sister and my friend, half of my smile is half of my life, and she is the one that I do not want to lose, O Lord, who will destroy me for me.
  • The sister is the heart of her sister and the secret of her secrets. She is a treatment for the worries of days and hope. If hope is absent, the sister is a story that the letters do not describe.
  • My sister is the most beautiful rose in the garden of my garden, so it does not wither and remains a flower every year, it is my joy and my joy keeps tears away from my eyeballs.
  • My sister I do not want her to be sad, I just want to see her laugh, Lord, as pure as her heart is, make her the happiest of you, Lord.
  • My sister, please, be near me, be my shadow when looking for you, and my mirror when I search for a heart to harbor me.
  • The destiny of the brothers in you is not higher than it is, and if you are far away, your place is between the spheres and the passion, you are my sister.
  • Sister is the fruit of life, love filled with beautiful riot, and she has secrets in an honest locker.
  • The sister has affection stemming from her high heart, and intimate hearts never tire.
  • My sister makes me feel safe.
  • God grant her success and joy in her heart.
  • Sisters are a blessing, the bone of which is known only to those who have enjoyed it. My Lord has made them happier and does not deprive me of their existence.

Beautiful short messages for sister

The first message:
My sister, I do not like to see you hurt, sad, injured, but I like to share your worries and carry your sorrows and heal your wounds, you know why? Because I do not like sadness with a glance of your eyes, I love you and do not like sadness soothing your heart, nor tears flowing from your eyes and wet your cheeks.

The second message:
My sister has confused what to write about you, all tenderness, for you are everything to me in my small world, I am confused, do I describe you as an angel and accuse people of exaggeration, or do I describe you completely, on the pretext that there is no one perfect in this world except God Almighty, but I see you as I want to describe you as I want.

Thoughts expressing the sister

The first risk:
I love you the size of your purity and serenity, the size of those problems that you go away from me, I love you the size of the smile that you put on my cheek when I grieve, and the size of those words that comfort me with my pain, my letters yearn for a line of words that express you, and shy those letters from your description, your kindness my sister is indescribable I summon the letters to describe your tenderness, stand helpless in front of you, stand my words incapable of describing you, squeeze my thoughts, spread my feelings, and send feelings, to write words that express my thoughts, just to tell you that I love you and will stay close to my heart for what I lived.

The second thought:
I wish my heart out of his place for a moment, to show you how to beat her love in it is made, I wish my tongue Atkhm prose and poetry for Othzj Bohaseg love and multiply melody on the strings of serenity, Late Spring gives me a flower and a rose to group them in a bouquet of sincerity Ohdia to the coolest sister and dearest human being, is the sister and mother when she lost her mother, It is tenderness when people die of tenderness. It is more difficult for them to bear and bear my disappointment and forgive me, I exhaust them with demands and wish I do not see them except for giving me the best for me. If love is light, light will blame my love for you in the sides of this universe. If the words were to express all my feelings, I would have completed my life. The coolest words, but I say, according to all of you, The Sun lost emboldened days lost in this world , the spirit of life.

The third thought:
I miss you a lot, when I search for a language without words, for a desert without sand, for recklessness for madness, for something that no one has known before me, with your love I will pass all borders, constants and norms, I will build a palace of shells, and I will make a confession on the face of the sun, and I will tell you I love you My sister, my heartbeat.

Phrases given to my sister

  • My sisters are parts of my mother walking on two legs.
  • Sister, you are my soulmate , and my innocent angel, you are the best, richest and most valuable treasure you possessed.
  • My sister is the companion of Derby, my sister Dunya, the most precious Nasi.
  • Sister, that pure heart is like fresh water running in a river in the midst of flowers, that white heart like snow white and pure.
  • My sister loves you so much, for you are a soul that completes my soul. You are my reference when I have any feeling.
  • The older sister is a state of human feelings that she forms within the family home. She is the female who plays the most difficult roles in the life of her family; sometimes the surrogate mother of her younger sisters listens to them.
  • My sister, if the whole world is destroyed and all people have been displaced, I will be by your side, so please be me by my side too, because I need you to be near me.
  • Sister a person is ready to sacrifice for you.
  • How proud I am of our brothers , the most beautiful treasure I possessed.
  • My sister will remain the one who deems my unity and fills me in my seclusion, and keeps you from my brutality, you, my soulmate.
  • Sister prioritizes your priorities.
  • They fight daily and they come the other day and they have forgotten some of the mistakes and misdeeds of some of them, because they cannot live without each other. This is brotherhood.
  • Sister knows your psychological state from your eyes.
  • Sister is there for you through thick and thin.
  • The righteousness of your mother and father, then your sister and your brother, then condemned you and condemned you.
  • The sister is the one to answer your call at any time.
  • The sister is a mass of tenderness sufficient to fill the entire universe, and it is the unification of everything.
  • Sister Kalsif is there to protect you from your back.
  • My sisters and princesses gave birth to a great queen.
  • Sister is a mirror of your personality.
  • He who has a sister is the king of the whole world, because the sister is a world and a world in itself.
  • Sister does not oppose you except in contradiction with your interest and love.
  • Sister, you are my idol in life.
  • Brotherhood as a window of clear glass, from which we overlook the sweetest things in the world, and we see through them all the beautiful meanings.
  • Sister is a small word with many meanings and wide concepts.

Text on the sister of the writer Mustafa Al-Rafei

Under the outstretched hand of the sister , the poor child slept, and from his feeling with this hand, the weight of the world eased over his heart. He did not care that the whole world would be neglected, as long as he finds in his sister the world of his little heart, as if he were a chicken bird in his hanging nest.

Likewise, everyone who possesses the power to change and change facts is happy, and in this childhood does in its early life what some of it does not do the miracles of higher philosophy in the lifetime of philosophers. What made those who were gathered in gold, nor those who were deceived by power, nor those who perished in love , nor those who were destroyed by desires, except that they tried in vain to sprinkle the mercy of God to give them in gold, power, love and desires what this poor sleeper child in the rays of the planets under the arm of the planet gave his soul. Except that the greatest of kings will not be able with all his property to buy the quiet way in which the clock beats the heart of this child .

I stood witnessing the two children, and I am sure that there are angels ascending around them and angels descending! And I said: This is one of the places of mercy, because God is with their broken hearts, and I may be exposed to a whiff of their whiffs. Perhaps a generous king says: This is another miserable, and he flatters me with his wings, the compassion of what I need myself to, and finds in the earth a touch of that sparkling light over the sun and moon. .

Poetry extracts from the brothers

By the poet Abdul Ghani Al-Nabulsi:
Brother of mine, in unseen way, shepherded and nurtured
My sponsor nurtures, O God nurture who nurtures
I wander in love and he wander about me
What was the disappointment of the washi if he wanted to strive

For the poet Ibn Al-Roumi:
This is a book from a thankful brother
Your curses please for the dear time
Your heart thanked you for your intention
After thanking the heart, thanking the tongue
I am not skeptical, however
He doubts the position of the tilans
He made the promise of his garment
Of the horses satisfied with the good

For the poet Sorei Al-Gawani:
My brother, Mister Mister, made him
The place of contentment until the friendliness became independent
Under the satisfaction of his experience
Deposits not satisfied with humor and grandfather
For my age, it's not a deal that involves
To discredit something the first of which was Hamad
Give satisfaction to all who have experienced it
Stand with satisfaction if it is not necessary