Beauty recipes for the skin


  • 1 avocado and olive oil recipe
  • 2 ice cubes recipe
  • 3 cabbage recipe
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Avocado and olive oil recipe

The avocado and olive oil recipe is a natural and easy recipe for beautiful, healthy and radiant skin, and can be used by mixing 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil with a pure and small avocado mashed nicely to make a soft and consistent dough and put it on the face for a period Just 12 minutes, then wash skin with water for great results. [1]

Ice Cubes Recipe

Ice cubes are natural and easy recipes for beautiful, bright and healthy skin, as the ice works to close the pores of the skin, and may contribute to inhibiting the production of oils in the skin, and also prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles, and ice can be used in this by massaging the face using a cube Of snow with a focus on open skin pores such as the nose and forehead for only 3-5 minutes, and repeat these steps regularly, and this process is applied at many times, including after washing the face, or before applying the foundation cream, or cosmetics to the face Or, before moisturizing the skin. [2]

Cabbage recipe

Cabbage recipe is a natural recipe that purifies the skin and eliminates acne and makes it fresh and beautiful especially for oily skin, and can be used by placing each of the following components in the electric mixer: two sheets of cabbage, with a spoon of fresh cream, with a spoon of honey, with Spoon of olive oil then mix it well, then put the resulting mixture on the skin and leave it for a third of an hour then wash the skin using warm water with lemon juice, and it is advised to do a simple test for this mixture on a small area of ​​the arm before applying it on the face in order to test the sensitivity of the skin. [3]