Benefits of a gold mask


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Gold mask

The idea of ​​using gold to improve skin health has spread in the world of beauty recently, in many Arab countries that are interested in developing cosmetic techniques, and the use of gold to make gold masks for the skin is an idea that has been applied since ancient times, when the Queen of Egypt used Cleopatra gold mask known as the elixir of youth daily On her skin, which made her brighter, younger and more beautiful, in addition to that it was used as a treatment for many diseases in alternative medicine , by consuming it in the mouth, and Japanese scientists have reached to develop a gold mask with 99.9% of pure 24-karat gold, and it has spread This is in European countries and America, and finally he reached the Arab countries. Below, we will talk about the most important benefits of the gold mask. [1]

Kinds of gold mask

Regardless of the types of gold masks, its components are not only limited to gold, but many of the substances useful for the skin include saffron, sandalwood, turmeric, honey, aloe vera , and wheat germ oil. As for the types of gold masks they are not many, there is the type of 24 carats. Collagen gold mask, the other type is the 24- karat gold face leaf . [2]

Benefits of a gold mask

Among the most prominent benefits of gold mask on the skin, the following benefits:
  • Promote and stimulate cells, nerves and veins in the body, due to the presence of ions in gold that improve the blood circulation and metabolism of cells and expel spoilers from them. [3]
  • Reducing wrinkles, lines and spots on the face and making the skin more youthful, and therefore because it activates the skin cells and increases their elasticity.
  • Lighten the skin and make it more radiant and youthful . [3]
  • Get rid of dry skin and increase its metabolism rate, as dry skin may lead to signs of premature aging. [3]
  • Protecting the skin from harmful sun rays, as gold works to reduce the level of melanin in the skin responsible for dyeing the skin when exposed to sunlight. [3]
  • Maintaining collagen levels in the skin for as long as possible, as it is known that the level of collagen in the skin begins to decrease at the age of twenty-five, as it is one of the most important elements responsible for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. [3]
  • Treating dermatitis, such as ulcers and others, because gold contains anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties that are necessary to introduce oxygen to the skin and replenish its cells. [3]
  • Treating allergic skin and alleviating acne, gold has healing properties because it contains antioxidants that stimulate blood circulation, which helps to treat some skin disorders. [3]
  • Maintaining the skin's moisture level, it improves the blood circulation in the skin, and the absorption of the skin by the small gold particles gives the skin a glow and radiance and makes it healthier and refreshed. [3]
  • Preventing skin sagging and increasing its elasticity. Gold protects elastin from collapse and restores skin elasticity. [3]
  • Providing the area around the eyes with vitality and freshness, and removing the dark color from them resulting from fatigue, exhaustion and lack of sleep. [4]

How to use gold mask

Gold mask can be obtained from the markets, as it comes in the form of a kit that contains a gold mask, antiseptic, peeled, cream and moisturizer, and this makes the application of gold mask on the face at home possible through the following steps: [5]
  • Cleansing : It is considered one of the most important steps before applying the gold mask to the face. After cleaning the face and neck with cleanser, they are washed with lukewarm water and dried well.
  • Peeling : by rubbing the face and neck with the peeler in circular motions for at least 30 seconds, then the area is washed with lukewarm water and dried well, so the peeling works to get rid of the dead cells.
  • Gold cream : Apply the gold cream in the way of massages to the face and neck from the bottom up, and leave for a period of time until the skin absorbs it, after that wipe the face and neck with a cloth dampened gently.
  • Gold mask : Apply the gold mask evenly on the face and neck, and leave it for 10 minutes. When it is completely sure that it is completely dry, it will be removed, and a little cold water can be sprayed on the face to make sure it is removed, then the area dries well.
  • Moisturizing : A high-quality moisturizer must be available to apply to the skin after removing the mask, so your moisturizer can be used or purchased separately if the gold mask kit does not contain it, and the moisturizer is applied evenly to the face and neck in a circular motion.

Gold mask side effects

There are no side effects of gold mask on the skin, as it does not cause skin irritation and others, which proves that eating golden chips does not affect health at all. [6]

Tips and Advice

  • Make sure to choose a good quality of the gold mask for excellent results. [5]
  • Not mixing any other ingredients or materials with the gold mask, it is sufficient to give the required results. [5]
  • Clean hands before applying or touching the catcher. [5]
  • Regular wearing of the mask in order to obtain the desired results from it, it is worth noting that the overuse of it may lead to skin damage, and it is recommended to repeat it once every three months. [5]
  • The Premium Quality Gold Mask Kit can be used 2-3 times. [5]
  • Be sure to use a gold mask early in life to avoid the appearance of signs of aging and various skin blemishes, especially for the bride , as the gold mask keeps skin youth as long as possible. [1]
  • The results of the gold mask are immediate, as it is noted that the face has improved by at least 30% after its application. [7]
  • Not using too much, as it is often too expensive. [7]