Best profitable project


  • 1 Manufacture of jewelry
  • 2 Transportation services
  • 3 massages
  • 4 Food making project
  • 5 paint
  • 6 References

Manufacture of jewelry

There are many methods that help enter the world of jewelry trading, and to achieve success in this area the person must be able to heat and manipulate metals, as he must provide the metal tools necessary to cut and engrave jewelry, and learn about all the materials that are used and included in the jewelry industry , Such as glass, beads, wood, plastic and many more. [1]

transport services

Some do not want to expose their new or sporting cars to damage or dirt as a result of transporting some personal items in them, such as waste and composting the garden, and here the transportation services project can bring good profits to its owner, and all that this project needs is to provide a vehicle of an appropriate size, and to have a driver’s license In effect, in addition to a large muscle strength in the event that it is necessary to carry the items being transported. [2]


The massage project needs to obtain an approved practice license in the field of massage therapy, and to obtain this license it is possible to register in the courses designated for that, which provide information on human anatomy and physiology, in addition to obtaining information on how to conduct business in the field of massage. [1]

Food making project

There are many project ideas related to food. If you have good skills in making Christmas cakes, you can open a project that depends on making birthday cakes at home on request. Also, healthy low-calorie meals can be prepared at home and offered for sale, or take advantage of individual cooking skills. , And start catering services. [3]

The paint

Wall paint is one of the profitable projects that can be started, as well as it is not related to a particular season, as the interior walls of the house can be painted at any time of the year, and in the case of expanding work and obtaining a lot of customers, employees can be hired, to do the paint work, or Continue to do some work related tasks. [2]