Black lover character


  • 1 black color
  • 2 indications and features of the black color
  • 3 The psychological impact of black color
  • 4 Black color in Arabic poetry

Black Color

Black was known in the past as a symbol of pessimism and sadness, and despite this, the meaning that characterized the black color did not prevent many from preferring it, whether in their cars or their clothes, and these people were distinguished by their generosity, discipline, and their prowess in commercial and financial matters, but from their negatives Fear of the unknown and the future.

Symbols and features of the black color

Black is the color of mystery, rebellion, and gravity, as it reflects the terrifying depth, mysterious secrets, and at the same time symbolizes challenge and regret. It has been said about the black color that it is the master of the colors for its neutrality, as it lends radiance and beauty to the rest of the colors, to give the existence of other colors its real significance and does not differ on its indications, and during the process of searching for the black color, the search for its contrast is sought, that is, the white color for the inconsistency between the two colors since the beginning .

The black color is distinguished by its addition of a charming feature to clothes and accessories, as it combines simplicity, elegance and attractiveness, so what is the most beautiful female appearance with the attractiveness of black color, and the appearance of men with elegance, depth and ambiguity.

In addition to this, this color gives a charming touch of beauty, sophistication and luxury to the corners of the house, to make it a painting that cannot be seen. The black sends comfort in the soul and helps to sleep by absorbing light.

The psychological effect of black color

Black color has a great relationship to elegance, strength, and formalism, and always gives a feeling of depth and mystery, and is characterized by the contradiction of what it indicates, as it is considered a color of temptation and depression at the same time. As the use of this color is used for mourning in the Arab countries, in addition to that it symbolizes self-esteem and respect, and also indicates the established traditions.

Lovers of this color are distinguished by their strong will and their ability to understand others, they are known for their ambiguity, and they always ask others to respect their privacy and their private lives, and they in turn respect the life and privacy of others, on the contrary of those who hate this color, they are distinguished by their love for humor and fun, and they always seek to run after all life Its delights, they love nature and rarely get bored, because they pay attention to all things surrounding them.

Black color in Arabic poetry

He mentioned the black color in the poetry of the Arabs a lot, where black hair and black eyes are considered standards of the beauty of women, and among these poems is a poem by the Lebanese poet (Elijah Abu Madi), where he said:

If only who created black eyes
Iron beating hearts created

Not for her sleepiness or for her charm
The owner of his heart would not have responded if Sidon

Get back to you from Nabal
Or you die as a martyr willed