Diet dates and milk in the month of Ramadan


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Diet dates and milk

The diet of dates and milk is one of the most popular types of diets that have occupied a great place in recent times for many women, in order to obtain a thin body in a record time not exceeding a week, as approximately five kilograms are lost in one week, and this is what most future women resort to. On occasions to gain weight loss in a short time, but are there any damages from following this diet, and what are its drawbacks? What is the way to follow it?

It is a food diet that falls under the harsh diets that are free from a large group of nutrients that the body needs. The most famous of which are protein, fats, and carbohydrates. It is followed for a period of up to ten days to avoid any of the side effects occurring on the body. From dates daily it is divided into three meals with a cup of skim milk or milk, and here is the diet program.

Dieting program in Ramadan

First day:
  • Suhoor meal. Eat seven grains of dates with a large glass of empty or medium fat milk, and eat a snack after three hours consisting of vegetables only without any additives and keep away from potatoes, peas, chickpeas, and corn in the salad.
  • Breakfast: seven dates with a cup of skim milk and a dish of salad.
  • Additional meal three hours after breakfast: seven dates with a cup of skim milk and a mixed vegetable salad dish with a small piece of brown bread.
  • A cup of tea, anise, or a favorite drink that does not contain sugar is added during the first three days with some simple sports and eating large quantities of water to avoid dehydration, and the diet is repeated for the remaining days of the week knowing that it cannot be followed For more than ten days, especially people with diseases such as diabetes and weak immunity in general, pregnant and lactating women and children.


This type of dieting loses the body a lot of energy and energy and makes it inclined to fatigue and persistent fatigue and the inability to practice life activities, and the body becomes more vulnerable whenever the dieting days increase, so that the accumulated fat under the skin is burned in a simple way and what is damaged are the bones and joints and become fragile and weak due to its loss For fats and important ingredients.

The best types of diet

The diet of milk and dates can be followed, but only on the condition that light and healthy foods are added to the meal such as grilled steak, chicken breast, some brown bread, and low-calorie fruits and in small quantities to maintain body balance. In this way, three kilograms per week are lost while maintaining general health.