Examples of small projects


  • 1 Interior Design
  • 2 Prepare and deliver meal ingredients
  • 3 Making jewelry
  • 4 Software Engineering and Development
  • 5 Delivery services
  • 6 References

Interior Design

Work in the field of interior design is considered a successful business due to the continuous market demand for it, as people who buy new homes often want to apply new and distinctive ideas and decorations in their homes, and the interior design project needs some experience and training, in addition to providing the necessary license papers, and start marketing personal skills For building contractors, design some questionnaires to know the desires of home owners, and their way of living, taking into account the possibility of children or pets in the house, the way to use each room, and identify places that need major lighting and places That does not need that. [1]

Preparing and delivering meal ingredients

The numbers of people who are busy and who do not have enough time to shop or cook have contributed to the increased demand for services that provide meals. This type of project depends on customers choosing the meals they want online , where meal components are delivered, cooking instructions, and time required for cooking, And the number of calories in the meal to the address specified in the date and time set by the customer. [2]

Jewelry making

There are many methods that help to start the jewelry trade project, as there are many tools used in this field, where working with metals needs to have a number of skills, such as the ability to heat metals to be able to form them, and the ability to provide a number of tools dedicated to engraving Minerals and their cutting, and working in jewelry is not limited to minerals only, but extends to glass, beads, feathers, plastic, wood, and much more. [1]

Software engineering and development

Software engineers and developers are working to create, test, and improve various programs, both for basic computers or for mobile devices, and the demand for software developers is expected to increase by 17% every year until 2023AD, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, and many developers begin their work As employees with limited pay, then they become contractors working independently. Computing and ease of remote communication have transformed the software development profession into one of the ideal home businesses. [2]

Delivery Services

The project of delivery services needs to provide a safe means of transportation, contracting with the insurance agent about covering the private car to work in this field, and agreeing with clients that the responsibility of the company is clear in the event of damage to the property that is being transported, where the local restaurants that want to start providing a service Delivery of meals to their clients, or large shops and flower shops that offer delivery and contracting service. [3]