Fast and healthy diet


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  • 2 The difference between a healthy and unhealthy diet
    • 2.1 Weight loss, not fat loss
    • 2.2 Increasing muscle mass, not losing it
    • 2.3 A fast and healthy diet


Weight gain causes many problems, including health and psychological in most cases when this weight gain is a hindrance to the practice of social relations naturally, so all people resort from time to time to follow a diet to lose weight and get what is called the ideal weight of the body, but on Nevertheless, there are many wrong and inappropriate methods that many people follow that eventually lead to body asymmetry or weight gain again in a very short time.

The difference between a healthy and unhealthy diet

There are several things to consider when using the diet method to maintain health:

Weight loss, not fat loss

A healthy diet should work primarily to burn the accumulated fat in the body in an integrated manner, and not only to reach a certain weight without losing fat in the most accumulated areas such as the lower abdomen and buttocks.

Increased muscle mass, not loss

A healthy diet is what maintains the attractive and strong appearance of a person, not a diet that causes wasting due to the loss of muscle mass during the weight loss process, so exercise should be maintained mainly during the diet.

Diet is fast and healthy

First, to follow this simple diet, a person must precisely set their working hours and presence at home in order to strictly regulate while ensuring exercise in order to lose extra calories and improve body strength and structure at the same time.

Diet lasts for only seven days, as one does not have to depend on their diet for those small amounts of calories for a long time in order to ensure the safety of the internal organs of the body.

The diet is divided into only three meals, and schedules are determined according to the daily diet of each individual. Breakfast includes a slice of toast with a fruit, and it is preferable that one of the fruits that supply the person with a cup of skim milk, can be diversified Between milk and white fat cheese or a salad dish instead of fruit.

Lunch should contain some type of meat, whether it is a grilled steak or a piece of chicken breast or fish, preferably tuna, with a quarter of a loaf of brown bread and a green salad dish.

As for dinner, which is the last meal, preferably about an hour before the evening exercise, it varies between salads and milk with a fruit, or a piece of lean meat with a quarter of a loaf if the meat is not eaten in food, depending on the person’s feeling tired and hungry.