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Precious stones

Precious stones, precious or precious stones are a group of different types of polymeric minerals, which are composed of two or more elements, mainly consisting of silica, in addition to the presence of some mineral impurities, and the type of precious stone varies according to the difference of the substance consisting of it, and there are These stones are usually in areas of volcanic silt, such as: volcanic pebbles, and they are found especially in the areas of volcanic river runoff, and in this article we will talk about the names of some gems.

Gem Names


Sapphire is a rare precious stone, known to be very expensive, and it occupies the first place in terms of importance among the precious stones, and it is distinguished by its bright red color and dark.


Diamonds occupy the second position in terms of importance, and they are characterized as pure white or yellow, and formed over time as a result of the enormous pressure on it.


Emerald is a type of beryl mineral that consists of both beryllium silicate and aluminum, which can be found in mines between hard rocks and marble, and is distinguished by its dark green color, which is deep and transparent.


Saphir is a kind of corundum mineral that is distinguished by its blue color. It is formed under the ground by intense heat and pressure. It is present in all colors except red, and the most famous type of it is deep transparent blue. It occupies the fourth place in terms of importance.

The Starburst

The interstellar ambassador is a type of ambassador, and it may be transparent, semi-transparent, or contain white lines.


Antique is an opaque, impure, and amorphous metal. It is usually red, yellow, green, blue, or gray, and is a type of quartz known as jasper.

Onyx onyx

It is a semi-transparent metal that is chemically formed from hidden silica of crystallization, and it is indicated that it contains impurities from iron compounds, and this type of stone is found in several colors which are red, yellow, and brown, and perhaps the most famous type of it is the Yemeni red agate known as the Pomegranate, As well as the famous brown agate hepatic.


It is a stone that is popularly known as the Easter sapphire, and it is distinguished that its color is light purple, dark or purple, and it is indicated that it is a transparent metal, and there are two types of it, and the original amethyst is a type of quartz that consists mainly of silicon dioxide.


It is one of the famous stones since ancient times, and perhaps the most distinguished of its greenish blue color, as well as greenish gray, with the presence of light green stones, and this stone is composed mainly of aluminum phosphate, as it contains copper water.