Gold types in Algeria


Gold is considered the most expensive type of jewelry, and in the past gold prices varied from one season to another, as they were affected by occasions (from joys, religious feasts, success and others). Today, gold prices are no longer affected by these occasions; they are affected by international stock exchange prices, dollars and currencies. The other.

Gold prices often rise from year to year, and there are different types of gold in all Arab and international countries, and everyone buys what suits them, and here we will mention the types of gold in the sister country of Algeria.

Gold types in Algeria

  • Ordinary yellow gold: This type is present in Algeria with several bullets, including 18, 21, 24, and the percentage of gold varies in each caliber, as its percentage increases as the caliber number increases, and the price rises with the caliber rise, because the proportion of gold in it is more.
  • White gold: It is basically yellow gold, except that it is coated with a substance called pradium, and the white color disappears with time to return the gold to its original color, and there are two white gold calibres, 18 and 21, and they are considered the best because they endure the special strikes of workmanship in order to convert them into several different forms, The caliber 24 is often in the form of golden molds.
  • Italian gold: Algeria depends on this type a lot, because of the high cost of living the entire world is living in. And because of the very high yellow gold prices 21, the Algerian bride has taken Italian gold or what they call imitators as her ornaments for no more, until young people pay attention to collecting The price of one set of gold is either yellow for the well-off, or it is Italian for those with financial hardship.
  • Singaporean gold, Indian, Emirati, Bahraini, Kuwaiti, Saudi and Korean gold and others, and the percentage of gold varies in each of these types mentioned, some of which are very low in proportion to suit most segments of society, including what are high so that the rich and businessmen take them for them and their women, and they differ Prices of different types of gold in Algeria, and we will mention below these prices.

Gold prices in Algeria

The following are the gold prices in Algerian dinars and US dollars:
Gold type The price is in Algerian Dinar The price is in US dollars
Gold of 24 carat 4469.13 $ 40.9
22 karat gold 4096.7 $ 37.49
21 karat gold 3910.49 $ 35.79
18k gold 3351.85 $ 30.67
14 karat gold 2606.99 $ 23.86
Gold caliber 10 1862.14 $ 17.04
Gold price per ounce 139005.44 $ 1272.07
Prices of gold pounds 31283.92 $ 286.32
Gold prices 4469024.84 $ 40,897.05